How much does standard translation cost?


Translation services is very important especially in our glopalized world whether you’re expanding your business abroad, you’re an individual and intend to immigrate abroad or organizations want to bridge the language and cultural gap. The first thing you’re thinking about is the translation cost. Here we will discuss some factors affecting standard translation cost to put into consideration.

Factors affecting standard translation cost

There are some essential factors must be considered when thinking in typical cost translation services to get the best services .

Language pair and word count

There are common and rare language pair, common language pair is found easily and translated in normal time. But rare language pair requires much effort and time and its translators can’t be found easily. That’s why rare language pair is one of the factors that affects standard translation cost. Second factor is the word count when the document has much word count costs more; as it needs much effort and time.

Complexity and formatting.

Another factor affects translation cost is complexity of the content like technical, medical, marketing and legal. This kind of content is so difficult that needs expertise in required field which affects translation cost accordingly. Also when the translation is required urgently it needs much effort than when it’s required in normal deadline. Consequently it needs higher cost. Formatting is one of the aspects that affect cost; as there are some documents that need much effort to edit formatting.

Common pricing models in the translation Industry

There are some models for pricing in translation industry as follows:

Per word pricing

Translation cost in this model is calculated per word regarding the source document. Clients prefer this kind of pricing model as they know translation cost from the beginning so they have the opportunity to accept or reject. 

Hourly pricing

This pricing model calculates the translation regarding the time consumed during translation. Clients don’t prefer this kind; as it costs them too much if the translation takes much time. This kind of pricing model is always be applied for the technical translation.

Project-based pricing

This kind of pricing model is specific cost for ongoing projects. This kind considers long-term projects and specific requirements. Clients prefers this kind as it gives them the best translation cost for their projects.

Minimum charges

Minimum charges pricing model is applied for small documents. There must be minimum charges for small documents must be paid. When thinking in translation put into consideration these pricing models, clients can calculate the translation budget.

The quality-price relationship

Quality plays an important role for translation cost. Quality is very important in order to discover and edit any translation mistake; because any single mistake can cause business loss or misunderstanding. Quality needs professional translators to check the translation and edit it. Of course, quality process needs much time and effort which affects translation cost in turn. Alsun translation company is a translation service provider that offer different typical cost translation services.

Thus, this article discover factors affect the standard translation cost. There are many factors affecting legal translation abu dhabi  cost like word count, quality, complexity, formatting and language pair. Also there are different pricing-models must be put into consideration to be able to prepare your budget. Alsun translation company provides you with translation cost before starting translation process to give the client the chance to agree or disagree.


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