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UAE Arabic Language Translation

With approximately 422 million speakers, Arabic has emerged as a global linguistic giant. Its influence reverberates across cultures, underlining the increasing demand for UAE Arabic translation to facilitate effective communication.

The official language of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Arabic. The Arabic spoken in the UAE is primarily a dialect known as Emirati Arabic, which has some variations from the standard Arabic language due to local influences and regional accents.

UAE Arabic translation refers to converting text, documents, or any content from one language into Arabic. Translation involves understanding the meaning and nuances of the source text in its original language and conveying the same meaning accurately and contextually in Arabic.

Professional UAE Arabic translators should consider cultural, linguistic, and contextual factors to ensure the translation is clear, accurate, and culturally appropriate for the target audience.

The Notarised Arabic Translation

A notarised Arabic translation refers to a translated document signed by the translator and authenticated by a notary public to verify its legitimacy.This process doesn’t assess the translation’s quality; instead, it’s a procedural check to ensure that all contributors involved in the translation adhere to the appropriate protocols. The translator’s sworn statement accompanying the translation is adequate evidence of their belief in the accuracy of their work.

Some Facts About The Arabic Language

Arabic is the official language in 22 countries globally, including the UAE, Yemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt,and others within the Arab League. With a native base exceeding 374 million individuals across countries, Arabic is one of the six recognised languages within the United Nations. The Arabic language manifests in two principal variants: Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic, each distinct in its syntax and vocabulary
In Arabic, capital letters are absent due to their employment of a cursive script. Instead, the form of letters subtly transforms based on their position within a word. As a Semitic language, Arabic is situated within the Afro-Asiatic language family Comprising 28 letters, the Arabic alphabet follows a right-to-left writing direction. Remarkably, Arabic encompasses over 14 words denoting “love,” each term capturing a specific form or phase Arabic boasts a history spanning more than 1,500 years, thought to originate from the Arabian Peninsula during the first century

Challenges of UAE Arabic Translation

Arabic, a distinct and intricately structured language, bears only limited resemblance to any Western language, including English.

1- Achieving natural Arabic text flow

Among the significant challenges translators confront in bridging these two languages is ensuring that translated Arabic text flows smoothly and naturally. This often hinges on the translators’ ability to grasp the text’s intent and identify the target audience.

2- Disparities between formal and colloquial Arabic

Considerable disparities exist between formal Arabic, employed in official correspondence and academic literature, and colloquial Arabic, used in everyday interactions and informal contexts like advertisements.

3- The diversity of dialects

While Arabic is the official language in multiple countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, the particular form of Arabic spoken in each can exhibit substantial differences, often rendering these dialects mutually unintelligible. Consequently, translators must precisely identify their target audience and customise their work accordingly. Failing to do so jeopardises the quality of the translated content, resulting in text that ranges from awkward to entirely incomprehensible.

Most Certified & Reliable Arabic Translation Company UAE


Utilising UAE Arabic language translation services can be extremely valuable in facilitating your comprehension and effective communication across diverse cultural contexts. Whether it’s business-related documents, emails, or even requests for medical or financial aid, our team of skilled native UAE Arabic translators stands ready to offer you precise and punctual translations.

We collaborate closely to ensure your intended message is accurately transmitted, transcending language obstacles. Our translations maintain the source language’s authenticity and the target language’s significance. Our Arabic translation company UAE takes immense pride in furnishing dependable, competitively-priced, and swift Arabic translation services to accommodate projects of any size or complexity, whether routine or intricate, technical or scientific.

Professional UAE Arabic Translation Service Online

Quickly obtain UAE Arabic translation services from exceptionally skilled translators with just a few simple clicks.

Our expert linguists are extensively knowledgeable in their respective domains and proficient in various Arabic dialects and cultural intricacies. They also possess substantial experience in handling Modern Standard Arabic.

Our team specialising in desktop publishing guarantees content in an accurate right-to-left layout suitable for audiences fluent in Arabic.

 Get Exceptional English to Arabic Translation Services

At Alsun, we boast a highly skilled large English-to-Arabic translation team dedicated to various prominent sectors, including life sciences, finance, law, and technology.

By choosing our certified English-to-Arabic translation service, You can be confident that your message will be accurately conveyed with the utmost quality.

The Best Arabic-to-English Translation

Whether you require subtitles or an English-dubbed version for an Arabic film, the translation of Arabic business documents into English, or the English translation of Quranic texts, it is essential to entrust these tasks to proficient Arabic translation company UAE, as exemplified by the experts at Alsun.

We specialise in delivering meticulous and adept Arabic-to-English translation services, encompassing even the most intricate and specialised materials. Our team exclusively consists of highly proficient and experienced UAE Arabic translators.

Rooted in our guiding principles, we aspire to provide a service and forge a partnership with your business, facilitating the accurate conveyance of your brand’s authentic essence.

Rooted in our guiding principles, we aspire to provide a service and forge a partnership with your business, facilitating the accurate conveyance of your brand’s authentic essence. Our adept translators collaborate with you to unveil your impactful message to the world, all while ensuring that it is presented in superior quality through our certified and authoritative UAE Arabic language translation.

UAE Arabic Language Translation for Every Need

Alsun, a prominent company specialising in UAE Arabic translation,  possesses extensive industry experience across nearly all Arabic-speaking markets. This comprehensive industry insight, combined with our exceptional linguistic proficiency, empowers us to provide professional UAE Arabic language translation for various purposes, including:

Arabic Legal Translation UAE

With an extensive understanding of the legal domain, we furnish high-quality legal translation UAE services that cater comprehensively to all your requirements.


Arabic Technical Translation

Recognising the paramount importance of precision in technical translation, we entrust these projects to our most proficient UAE Arabic translators, who possess expertise in specific industrial sectors.

Arabic Website Translation

At Alsun, we convert your website’s content into Arabic, carefully considering cultural nuances and the specific preferences of the Arabic-speaking audience.

Arabic Medical Translation

Beyond their extensive experience in translation, our Arabic medical translators are accomplished medical professionals specialising in various medical disciplines.

Arabic Transcreation

In transcreation, a dual proficiency in translation and creativity is imperative. Alsun collaborates closely with you to comprehend your fundamental message and rearticulate it in Arabic.

Arabic Editing/Proofreading

Editing serves to enhance the accuracy of the translation for its intended purpose. Following this, proofreading conducts the final quality assurance, ensuring impeccable readability of the document before delivery.

Arabic Transcription

Alsun offers an entirely human-based transcription service. Whether your recording is in Egyptian, Levantine, Gulf Arabic, or any other dialect, our transcriptionists are familiar with the dialect and can meticulously handle your file.

Arabic Subtitling

Our video subtitling solutions adhere to stringent standards. Our audiovisual translation services encompass diverse video content, spanning documentaries, interviews, tutorials, advertisements, seminars, webinars, and more.

Get the best Arabic DTP Service with Alsun

Desktop Publishing, abbreviated as DTP, encompasses crafting or modifying layouts and graphics within a document by utilising specialised software.

During the translation of documents, alterations in the length of the text can significantly affect the established layout. Our array of DTP services is meticulously designed to guarantee that the translated documents retain their initial design and layout, safeguarding their visual integrity.

Why Choose Alsun for Your Arabic Translation?

Because we are the best certified Arabic translation company in UAE, providing professional solutions that combine rapidity, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness with an assurance of faithfully conveying the source document.

Human Translation

Our online translation services rely entirely on the expertise of human translators. We exclusively employ native Arabic speakers who are fluent in the language and possess years of experience in translation.

Quick Turnaround

Alsun offers the swiftest human translation service currently available in the market. We can meet extremely tight deadlines without compromising our high-quality standards.

100% Customer Satisfaction

With an almost perfect customer satisfaction rate, Alsun has consistently been dedicated to delivering the finest quality Arabic translations to our clients.

Trusted Quality

Every one of our professional UAE Arabic translators undergoes rigorous quality and skill assessments. They are continuously evaluated after each project. Additionally, we can construct custom translator teams from our pool of native speakers.

Simple Pricing

No other Arabic translation company in UAE can match our combination of swift, high-quality translation and competitive rates. you will only be charged for the content you have translated. There are no minimum spending requirements, setup fees, or concealed costs.

Speed and Scale

Are you in need of rapid UAE Arabic language translation? Connect with 374 million Arabic speakers worldwide within a few hours through Alsun. We offer quick, cost-effective, and dependable Arabic translation services regardless of your required volume.

FAQ About Arabic Translation Services

What documents are within the scope of Alsun’s Arabic DTP services?

Our expertise encompasses various document types, spanning brochures, manuals, books, presentations, reports, and more.

Can Alsun adjust the RTL layouts for Arabic content?

Indeed, our team exhibits a high degree of competence in effecting layout adjustments that align with the right-to-left script orientation characteristic of languages like Arabic.

Can Alsun handle graphics and images within documents?

Indeed, our DTP team is adept at handling and modifying images, diagrams, charts, and graphics seamlessly integrated within documents.

How does Alsun go about delivering the final rendition?

The final product is furnished to you in the format you prefer, whether a file optimised for printing or a digital counterpart primed for web dissemination.

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