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Our legal translation Abu Dhabi agency is one of the most distinguished and professional agencies. We are distinguished by the high-quality translation services that we provide to you within a short period. In Abu Dhabi, we have received formal accreditation in the translation industry. Therefore, we are the first choice for all those looking for certified translation services . Contact us now and get your service . We serve a valuable pool of clientele, including government departments, law firms, ministries, embassies, media institutions, international companies…etc. who trust us as their legal translator in Abu Dhabi due to our accuracy, responsiveness, and management of large-volume projects within tight deadlines. If you need a legal translation UAE, save your time, effort, and headache and call our legal translator now and get your quote within a few minutes!

Our Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

We provide a wide range of translation services to meet all your needs with the highest quality and the best price. 

Legal Translation

Legal translation in Abu Dhabi for all your legal documents through a certified legal translator approved by UAE Ministry of Justice. We stand out from the crowd of legal translation companies in Abu Dhabi due to our quality assurance process and team of professional legal translators in UAE.

General Translation

Alsun is a premium translation company in Abu Dhabi providing wide range of professional translation services in Abu Dhabi supported by a team of certified translators in Abu Dhabi in most specifications and language pairs, English Arabic translation Company in Abu Dhabi

Technical Translation

Whatever the field of your project, our translation office Abu Dhabi can give you native and clear translation of your specialized text based on his experience and knowledge of your industry as a legal translation UAE company in Abu Dhabi area standing out from the crowd of other translation offices in Abu Dhabi

Copywriting Services

Professional interpreter in Abu Dhabi is highly required by our corporate and natural clients for interpretation services of their meetings and events. Alsun have a team of native interpreters in most languages ready to help you with any interpreting services in Abu Dhabi anytime anywhere.

Interpretation Services

Being one-stop station for translation services in Abu Dhabi, Alsun offer premium interpretation services through our on-spot certified translators and interpreters in Abu Dhabi who are ready to serve our clients anywhere anytime… presentable, knowledgeable and fluent.


Alsun Translation Services Abu Dhabi prides on providing creative translation to large pool of media agencies and other companies that need to effectively communicate with their audience through translation office Abu Dhabi. We have professional Arabic translators in UAE for all your needs

Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi by Sworn Translator

Alsun Legal Translation Abu Dhabi is a leading top-quality translation services office in Abu Dhabi, having a large team of professional legal translators, language experts, and project managers.  Our native legal translators in UAE provide you with fast and accurate legal translations certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and officially recognized by the notary public, courts, law professionals, embassies, and government bodies. 

Why Legal Translation Abu Dhabi?

4 Reasons to choose our translation sevices

With a proven track record in providing accurate and professional legal translation services in Abu Dhabi supported by experienced legal translators and translation professionals, some of the many reasons why you should choose Alsun as your legal translation uae are outlined below.



Alsun Legal Translation Abu Dhabi is duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and any document translated thereby is recognized by all government and private entities being certified translation office in Abu Dhabi.


Affordable rates

Our Abu Dhabi translation company prioritises client satisfaction with competitive pricing and professional translations by legal experts, ensuring accurate and high-quality results.


Reliable Translators

Our legal translators in Abu Dhabi are perfectly chosen based on their experience and legal background. They are specialized expertise in legal field supporting our company and are considered our infrastructure.


Fast Translation

A specialized team of translators with us will translate your files immediately with the highest possible accuracy and in the shortest possible time. Our team can handle more than seven hundred and fifty words per hour and five thousand words per day. So don’t worry about the amount of content you need to translate, we are ready to do it for you.

Quality Standards

Alsun’s translators and quality assurance supervisors stick to streamline process that ensure the highest accuracy and quality of your translation project as the secret of our reputation as premium translation company in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, we are keen to follow quality standards to ensure high-quality and error-free legal translations in Abu Dhabi. These standards include the following:

Legal translation UAE for every document

At Alsun, we’re experts in legal translation services in UAE, focusing on meeting our clients’ needs. Our skilled team knows legal terms well and ensures accurate translations for various legal documents.

We handle various legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and court papers. Our expertise extends to patents and other legal materials as well. 

Our legal translation UAE covers many industries, including corporate law, intellectual property, real estate, finance, immigration, etc. Each industry has its own terms, and our translators are experts at adapting them.

We prioritize our clients’ document security and ensure confidentiality throughout the translation process through strict privacy measures.


What do clients say about us?

Alsun Translation Services Abu Dhabi has built a large base of valuable clients who consider us as their first translation company in UAE based on its quality and responsiveness.

“As a lawyer, the most important thing I liked in Alsun team is their excellent legal drafting and selection of legal terminology and recommend them as  translation Services in Abu Dhabi for any law firm”



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Who we are?

Alsun Legal Translation Abu Dhabi provides you with an accurate, professional and approved translation within your budget in UAE. With our dedicated translation team who has an in-depth knowledge in legal translation, you will get translation that is linguistically and functionally flawless.

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