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Marriage certificate translation Abu Dhabi

Marriage certificate translation in Abu Dhabi

A marriage certificate is an official document that states that two people are legally married. A marriage certificate shall be issued by a government official after the civil registration of the marriage. It is an essential document when you travel, or relocate to foreign countries. Also, it will be needed during divorce proceedings or with issues of legitimacy of a child. Certainly, there are several different types of agreements related to marriage certificates. Thereof marriage certificates and their related documents are categorized under technical and legal documents whose content may vary under different legal systems from one country to another.

Marriage Certificate Translation

Whether you are applying for a resident visa for your spouse in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or the other five emirates, an official and certified translation of a marriage certificate will be required.  Marriage certificate translations are also commonly required for official situations where you need to prove your identity and marital status, such as opening bank accounts, applying for mortgages, court cases, legally changing your name, divorces, and more.

The importance of certified legal translation 

Legal translators encounter both linguistic and cultural issues and problems when rendering a particular marriage certificate from one legal system into another. So in translating religious and culture-based terms and expressions in marriage contracts, legal translators need to familiarize themselves with the legal systems of both the source and target languages before they start translating because the difference in the legal systems imposes on the translator a painstaking effort to decipher the meaning of the source text and convey it to the target language.

At Alsun Translation Services, we ensure that our legal translation professionals possess comprehensive knowledge of the technical nuances and cultural sensitivity of translating each marriage certificate, guaranteeing high-quality services. All our translations are done by certified translators in Abu Dhabi whose translation is accepted and recognized by all governmental and special institutions in UAE, including notary public, courts, ministries, and embassies.

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