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Alsun Translation Services is a certified translation company in Abu Dhabi having a network of three offices in the Middle East, namely in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo. We specialize in providing top-notch translation services in most languages, including but not limited to Arabic, English, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Farsi, Urdu and much more. Based on our full-time team of translators, writers, proofreaders, project coordinators and language experts, we have managed to stand out as a world-class translation company in UAE and Middle East by providing value-added translation services accurately customized to the needs and benefits of our corporate and individual clients all over United Arab Emirates. We have a commitment to our clients to provide top-notch and premium translation services at the most competitive prices and within the shortest time frames possible. This commitment is the base of our long-term partnerships with our clients and their loyalty and trust in our company as their first translation centre in Abu Dhabi.


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Network of native translators with experience in UAE market



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We give accurate and clear text that fulfills its purpose best.


Advantages for which you choose Alsun!

Alsun Certified Translation Abu Dhabi provides superior translation services with highest excellence and reliability based on specific core values adopted and adhered by our team throughout our long history in the market of certified translation in Abu Dhabi.



Alsun is still committed to providing highly accurate certified translation in Abu Dhabi of all projects all times as any inaccuracy or drop in legal documents more than you can expect; your money, you case and your reputation. Therefore, our team of certified translators in Abu Dhabi is dedicated to submit flawless translation without drops or mistakes whatsoever the volume of your project. We are helped by our quality assurance filters that we apply to each translation project, be it one page or two hundred pages allowing no errors to happen. Our clients work with us for years and trust us to give them what they expect in terms of quality, speed and affordability.


Certified translators in Abu Dhabi

Our team of certified translators in Abu Dhabi is our player and strongest asset and their hard work and efficiency are what makes our translation company prosperous. We have established efficient process for the selection, training and retention of our certified translators in Abu Dhabi, each translator is specialized in specific industry and jargon. The best advantage of our team of certified translators in Abu Dhabi is their excellent teamwork that gives our clients the quality, speed and consistency they expect from us… we are really proud of our perfect team of translators.


Top Customer Care

Our care of our clients is based on the trust we build for years and can be lost in seconds. As each one of our corporate and individual clients has different requirements and needs that suit its field, our team ensures that our translation services are provided to each clients as per its requirements and purposes. Our certified translation services are uniquely tailored to meet your needs based on our customer service representatives who are ready to serve our clients around the clock and reply to your calls or emails at any time, even at night or weekend.



Abu Dhabi is one of the highest competitive markets in the region and cost is of utmost importance to clients, be individual or company. Each client needs the minimum price we can give without compromise on quality or commitment, and even requests prices less than the prevailing prices in the market being its translation partner. For this purpose, Alsun Certified Translation Dubai provides its clients with the most competitive rates of certified translation in Abu Dhabi Market provided that that accuracy and speed of your translation projects are not affected. Unlike other translations companies in Abu Dhabi, all our translators in Abu Dhabi are full-timer so we save much money for us and so for our clients. So, we are committed towards our clients to provide certified translations services in Abu Dhabi with highest accuracy and speed and at most competitive prices.

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Alsun Legal Translation Abu Dhabi provides you with an accurate, professional and approved translation within your budget in UAE. With our dedicated translation team who has an in-depth knowledge in legal translation, you will get translation that is linguistically and functionally flawless.

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