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Certified Translation Company in Abu Dhabi

Alsun provides accurate and quick certified translation in Abu Dhabi supported by a professional team

of certified legal translators in most languages and industries

Certified Translation in Abu Dhabi

Alsun Certified Translation Abu Dhabi provides a full range of legal translation services in UAE to help individual and corporate clients receive the most cost effective and efficient translation of their documents and projects. We serve a large pool of major law firms, legal professionals, government agencies, and notarization companies around the UAE who rely on our legal translators in Abu Dhabi to get the documents their clients translated timely and efficiently. We have translated thousands of summons, complaints and other legal papers from and into English with highest care and accuracy and speed. Due to our commitment to deadline, responsiveness and affordable rates, our clients choose Alsun their strategic translation partner in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE.


Certified Sown Translators

Legal Translators accredited by UAE Ministry of Justice and all government authorities.




Quick Translation 7/24

Network of legal translators in UAE ready to deliver your translation on time.


Quality-Focused Team

Quality translation services is the ultimate aim of our translation team in Abu Dhabi

Our legal translators in Abu Dhabi have been translating legal documents in United Arab Emirates and Middle East the past 12 years. Our certified translations in Abu Dhabi are accepted by UAE courts, Notary Public, embassies, ministries, banks, and other government, academic and private institutions. As your translation company in UAE, we always provide you with fully certified translation services of all your projects, whether they are legal documents, websites, media releases or technical materials. Our translation process ensures that each project undergoes thorough translation, editing, then proofreading filters by qualified legal translators in UAE to make sure that the translated text meets the high expectations of our customs in terms of accuracy, smoothness and clarity. Looking for legal translation in Abu Dhabi, look no further than Alsun translation Services and speak to our legal translator now!

We daily translate the following legal documents:




Confidentiality agreements




Registration documents




Police reports




Expert reports


Licenses translation


Regulations and laws


college diplomas








trademark filings


power of attorney

Certified Translation Office in Abu Dhabi 

Need to translate your document by certified translator in Abu Dhabi to be submitted to government departments or embassies? We can translate and also certify any personal or business documents from any language to another so that you can submit them to any embassy, notary or government. As a certified translation company in Abu Dhabi, we meet all your needs related to language and translation services, including legal translation, certified translation, financial translation, patent translation, media translation, transcreation, proofreading and editing, website localization…etc. We offer our clients the value we gained over many years of experience and the efficiency our full-time team of legal translators in Abu Dhabi provide.

Legal translation is considered as one of the most critical areas to handle and being bilingual is not sufficient to do legal translation in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Legal translator must have legal background, linguistic potentials and deep knowledge of legal drafting of both target and source language in order to provide accurate legal text. Moreover, the legal translator shall be fully aware of the differences and similarities between the legal systems between countries that may affect the legal terminology used in each language. Legal translation in UAE is highly crucial and no one can afford to have his legal document translated wrongly or even delayed. In case of any inexact or ambiguous text in your legal document may cause loss of a case, unnecessary delay, rejection by court or government or loss of your time and effort.
Alsun Legal Translation Abu Dhabi offers accurate legal translation of all your legal documents by certified translator in Abu Dhabi having more than 5 years of hands-on experience in UAE market. We ensure you the highest quality and clarify of your texts and timely delivery of your legal documents at affordable prices. You can just send your legal document by email and let our legal translators in Abu Dhabi exceed your expectation of accuracy and efficiency.

Legal Translation in Abu Dhabi in number of languages

We have translators in most language pairs as one-stop station for all your languages solutions. Here are some of our most popular languages:

& more other language pairs…

5 reasons to choose us as your legal translator in UAE

  • Unrivaled Quick Translation:

    As most clients need their legal document translated urgently to catch their appointments, we offer urgent translation service through our fast translators in UAE who are ready to finish your translation projects within the same day.

  • Accurate Legal Translation:

    All legal translation projects, whether one page or two hundred pages, undergo strict translation process that consists of several filters to ensure the highest accuracy of your legal document all the time. To this purpose, each one of our legal translators in UAE translates only into his native language and in his respective field of specialty only. We have legal translator with strong background in legal contracts and employee manuals; while other translator in medical report and vaccination records; and other in patents and landmarks of products.

  • Affordable prices:

    Being a leading translation company in UAE, we assign our translation projects to our full-time translators, not to costy freelancers, so we save more money for us and consequently for our clients and offer them the best rates in UAE market.

  • Available around the clock:

    Our project managers are dedicated to answer your phone calls and reply to your emails even late at night and on weekends and vacations. We know well the urgency nature of legal translation in UAE, so we are ready all the time to receive your urgent order any time with any volume. Once you send us an email, you will receive a reply from us within minutes.

  • Customized Service:

    We treat you as a close partner and friend, our team will know you in person and remember your requirements each time you call even after one or more years. We provide you with legal translation services in UAE customized to your needs and purposes.

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