Certified driving license translation service in Abu Dhabi

driving license translation service in Abu Dhabi

A valid and officially recognised driver’s license from a certified driving license translation service in Abu Dhabi can unlock exciting opportunities and experiences. However, language barriers can occasionally complicate matters, leaving expatriates and visitors unsure about the necessary steps to ensure their license is accepted and valid in the United Arab Emirates. This blog addresses the importance of translating driving licenses, the challenges one may face when driving without a license, and the required documents for a successful translation process.

The challenges of driving in Abu Dhabi without a translated license

Interacting with local authorities, rental car agencies, or other service providers can be challenging if you don’t have a translated driver’s license. 

Communication with authorities: 

If traffic authorities stop a driver in a foreign country, the absence of a translated driver’s license can hinder the communication of essential information, including their identity, driving privileges, and the validity of their license.

Renting cars:

Without a valid translated license, travellers face mobility limitations when renting vehicles from car rental agencies or using other transportation options.

Insurance coverage: 

Having a translated driver’s license can significantly streamline the insurance claim process in the event of an accident. 

On the other hand, travellers lacking a translated license may face difficulties verifying their driving credentials. 

This could lead to delays or complications when obtaining insurance coverage for damages or injuries.

International driving permits (IDPs): 

In certain countries, it is necessary to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) or a foreign driver’s license to drive legally. 

Therefore, if a traveller does not have a translated license or an IDP, they may be at risk of driving illegally, which could result in fines, penalties, or legal consequences.


Ensuring that emergency responders and authorities have access to vital identification and information is crucial during emergencies or accidents. 

However, travellers without a translated license may encounter challenges in promptly communicating essential details. 

This could potentially hinder the effectiveness and timeliness of emergency assistance.

Different types of driving license translation Abu Dhabi

Arabic is the official language in Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city. Various translations are accepted to obtain a driving license in Abu Dhabi with a foreign license. The two common types of driving license translations in Abu Dhabi are:

Legal translation UAE: 

The first option is to have your driving license legally translated by a certified translator or a translation company. 

The legal translation UAE should be done by a translator authorised by the UAE Ministry of Justice or a translation company recognised by the UAE authorities. 

The translated document should be stamped and signed by the authorised translator or the translation company to ensure its authenticity. 

This type of translation is generally accepted by the relevant authorities in Abu Dhabi.

Consular translation: 

Another option is to have your driving license translated by the consulate or embassy of your home country in Abu Dhabi. 

Many embassies and consulates offer translation services for official documents, including driving licenses. 

The translation should be done by an official translator appointed by the consulate or embassy. 

The translated document should bear the official seal or stamp of the consulate or embassy to verify its authenticity.

Note that driving license translation requirements may vary, so it’s advisable to consult the authorities, like the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport or Traffic Department, for the latest information and specific translation requirements.

Driving license translation Abu Dhabi: DIY or Professional service?

Translating your driving license can be done independently or by a professional translation service:

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) translation of driving license:


  • It can save you money, as you won’t have to pay for professional services.
  • You can control and work on the translation process at your own pace.
  • Since it’s your driving license, you are familiar with the details and can ensure accuracy.


  • Lack of fluency or translation experience increases the risk of errors, leading to misunderstandings or rejection of the translated document.
  • Maintaining legibility, format, and necessary translation information can be challenging without professional expertise.
  • DIY translations may not be accepted if they fail to meet specific requirements set by authorities or institutions.

Benefits of using professional translation services:

  • Accuracy and quality: Professional translators ensure precise, high-quality translations, minimising errors and misunderstandings.
  • Compliance: Professionals meet institutional requirements, increasing the document’s acceptance chances.
  • Time-saving: Professional translators work efficiently, providing quick translations for urgent driving license needs.

Abu Dhabi driving license requirements

To obtain a driving license in Abu Dhabi, you must meet certain requirements and follow a specific process. Here are the general guidelines:

1- Age requirement:

You must be at least 18 to apply for a driving license for light vehicles (cars) in Abu Dhabi.

2- Residency requirement:

You must be a resident of Abu Dhabi to apply for a driving license. Non-residents may be eligible under certain conditions, such as employment in Abu Dhabi or a valid residence visa.

3- Driving school enrollment:

Enrol in a recognised driving school in Abu Dhabi. You must complete a specific number of driving lessons and attend theory classes.

4- Eye test:

Undergo an eye test at an approved optician to ensure you meet the minimum visual requirements for driving.

5- Theory test: 

Pass a theory test, which assesses your knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, and driving regulations. 

The test can be taken in Arabic or English and consists of multiple-choice questions.

6- Practical training: 

Complete the required number of valuable driving lessons under the guidance of a certified driving instructor. 

This includes learning various driving skills like parking, lane changing, and manoeuvring.

7- Internal evaluation:

Once you have completed your training, the driving school will conduct an internal evaluation to assess your driving skills. You must pass this evaluation to proceed.

8- Final road test:

Schedule and pass the final road test conducted by the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department. 

Your driving skills, adherence to traffic rules, and ability to handle different road situations will be evaluated during this test.

9- Fees: 

Pay the required fees for the driving license application, theory, practical training, and road test.

Documents needed for translating driving license in Abu Dhabi

  • Driving license: Submit a clear copy of your current license. Some translation services may require a coloured copy.
  • Identity proof: Provide a copy of your passport, national ID card, or other government-issued ID that verifies your identity.
  • Translation form: Complete a form with personal details, language pair (current license language to translated language), and other necessary information.
  • Additional details: Occasionally, you may need to supply extra information like date of birth, license category/class, and original license issuance date.

Factors to consider when selecting the translation service

Consider the following factors when choosing a driving license translation Abu Dhabi service for your driving license documents:

Expertise and specialisation: 

Look for a service that specialises in translating driving license documents and has expertise in the specific language pair you need. 

Specialised driving license translation Abu Dhabi services will be familiar with the terminology and specific driving license translation requirements.

Quality assurance: 

Ensure that the translation service has a robust quality assurance process in place.

This can include proofreading, editing, and reviewing by experienced translators to maintain accuracy and consistency.

Translators’ qualifications: 

Check if the translation service employs professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and have expertise in the field. 

Translators knowledgeable about the transportation industry or driving regulations will be better equipped to translate your driving license accurately.

Confidentiality and security: 

Consider the privacy and security measures implemented by the translation service.

Your driving license contains personal information, so choosing a driving license translation Abu Dhabi service that guarantees confidentiality and data protection is essential.

Turnaround time: 

Evaluate the turnaround time offered by the translation service. Depending on your needs, you may require a quick turnaround without compromising accuracy. Ensure the driving license translation Abu Dhabi can meet your deadlines.

Customer reviews and testimonials: 

Read customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of others using the translation service. 

Positive feedback and recommendations can provide insight into the service’s reliability and customer satisfaction.

Support and communication: 

Consider the level of customer supports the translation service provides. 

Clear and timely communication can make the process smoother and address any queries or concerns you may have.

Additional services: 

Some translation services may offer other services, such as notarisation or certification, which may be required for legal purposes. 

If you anticipate needing these services, ensure the translation service can accommodate your requirements.

Accreditation and certifications: 

Check if recognised professional translation organisations accredit the translation service or have certifications that validate their quality standards.

This can provide additional assurance regarding the service’s professionalism and expertise.

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