What is the typical cost of translation services? Full guide!


Have you ever wondered why some translations cost pennies while others cost pounds? The answer lies in the details. In this blog, we’ll take a magnifying glass to answer the “What is the typical cost of translation services?” and examine the key factors influencing pricing. Get ready to decode the mystery and become an expert in translation costs.

What is the typical cost of translation services?

The expenses related to translation services may fluctuate by various factors, such as the language pairing, the text’s intricacy, the content’s volume, and the required turnaround time.

Some translation service providers may utilise a per-word pricing system, whereas others may charge by the hour or for the entire project. 

In addition, specific languages may carry more expense due to their complexity or rarity.

As a general approximation, legal translation Abu Dhabi cost for an average of 250 words is 70 AED.

Payment methods for translation services

There are various payment options for translation services in Abu Dhabi; the most frequent include:

Bank Transfer

A general and safe payment procedure, you can remit the payment directly to the translator’s bank account.


An extensively employed online payment platform which allows you to issue payments using your credit card or bank account.

Credit Card

A convenient option widely accepted by freelance translators and translation agencies.

Payment Platforms

An assortment of online payment portals, such as Skrill, Stripe, and Payoneer, provide a secure payment mechanism and are commonly utilised within the translation industry.

How to compare quotes for accurate and affordable translation services!

Here are some tips for comparing translation service quotes:

Ascertain the project scope.

Before comparing quotes, you must soundly understand your translation requirements. 

This includes the number of words or pages that necessitate translation, the source and target languages, the nature of the content, and any special needs, such as formatting or certification. 

This information will enable you to provide a concise brief to the service providers and ensure that you receive precise quotations.

Examine the pricing structure.

Translation providers may levy charges per word, page, hour, or per project. 

You must comprehend the pricing system of each provider and compare them based on comparable parameters. 

It is also necessary to ascertain if there are any additional fees for rush orders, formatting, or revisions.

Evaluate the service quality.

The quality of the translation service is as pivotal as the price. 

Inquiring about each provider’s qualifications, experience, and quality assurance processes is essential. 

Look for client reviews or testimonials to gauge their reputation.

Consider the turnaround time.

Depending on the difficulty of your project, the turnaround time may be a crucial factor to consider. 

Ensure you inquire about each provider’s estimated delivery time and verify if they meet your timeline.

Compare the overall value.

Do not solely focus on the price when comparing quotations. 

Consider the overall value you will obtain from each provider, including their proficiency, quality, turnaround time, and customer service. 

Opt for the provider that provides the most advantageous value for your funds.

Factors that affect translation services pricing

The pricing of translation services can exhibit significant variation based on numerous factors, comprising but not limited to the following:

Language pairing

The amalgamation of languages involved in the translation task often serves as the most crucial determinant of the price. 

For instance, translating from a less familiar language to a more widely used one may entail a higher expense due to the inadequacy of capable translators.

Complexity and subject matter

Legal translation Abu Dhabi, technical, medical, or any specialised content necessitate a heightened level of expertise with an additional cost.

Word count

Translation agencies typically charge per word or page, meaning the length of the text requiring translation will impact the cost.

Turnaround time

Expedited orders with stringent deadlines may involve a steeper price tag due to the necessity of prompt turnaround times and the translators’ requirement to work overtime.

Format and file type

Some file formats, such as scanned images or PDFs, demand additional processing before they can undergo translation, thereby increasing the cost.

Quality specifications

More stringent quality specifications, such as multiple revisions or proofreading, will often increase prices.

What’s included in the translation services quote?

The following elements are likely to be incorporated in a quote for translation services:

  • The quotation should explicitly state the languages involved in the translation project.
  • The quotation should specify the assignment’s total word or page count.
  • It should include the anticipated delivery date for the completed translation.
  • Additional services like proofreading and editing may be included or charged separately from the quotation for translation services to guarantee quality.
  • The quotation may include supplementary charges, such as taxes or processing fees.

Why are professional translation services worth every penny?

Professional translation services provide many advantages, which include the following:

Precision and Excellence

The adeptness of professional translators in the languages they translate guarantees precise and excellent-quality translations.

Cultural Comprehension

Professional translators possess a profound knowledge of the fundamental cultural nuances and idioms for accurate translations. 

They ensure that translations are not only linguistically correct but also culturally fitting.


Professional translation services possess sufficient human resources to manage voluminous translations quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.


Professional translators specialise in particular industries, such as legal, medical, and technical, and can provide expert translations.


Professional translation services can localise content to the target language and culture, ensuring that translations are germane and understandable to the target audience.

The risks of opting for low-cost translation services

Using inexpensive translation services may result in many risks including:

  • Inexpensive translation services often depend on inexperienced translators, culminating in inaccurate and poor translations, which could be financially burdensome in the long term.
  • Cheap translation services may lack cultural understanding, producing unfitting translations.
  • Cheap translation services may lack the appropriate security protocols to safeguard sensitive information, jeopardising privacy and security.
  • Inexpensive translation services may only offer a limited range of languages, leaving you unable to communicate effectively with people who speak uncommon languages.

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