How to Renewal a Driving license In Abu Dhabi

driving license translation abu dhabi

Many residents in the UAE and the United Arab Emirates want to obtain a valid driver’s license that enables them to move with their own car between the cities of Dubai without any hindrance or reduce exposure to legal issues, so the driving license translation Abu Dhabi office provides the driver’s license that you need through simple steps that you can follow, You can translate this license into any language you want.

You can do this via the following methods

  • Go to the official TAMM website then go to the tab on the main page, select the driving service and then click on Choose Driving License
  • Renew your license request by logging in with your UAE Pass or Smartpass account. And then enter the Emirates ID.
  • You can go to the Customer Happiness Center or the Driving License Renewal Service Center in Abu Dhabi, with the need to know that the validity of the eye examination is mandatory. In this case, the renewal procedure is approved.
  • You can determine the license by visiting the Abu Dhabi Police website using your Emirates ID and it provides you with pay the fees due online. You can also choose to receive your driving license by courier

Finding a driving license in Abu Dhabi:

  • Driving license renewal fee for one year: 100 dirhams
  • Driving license renewal fees for 3 years: 300 dirhams
  • Driving license delay fine (monthly): 10 dirhams
  • Fees are paid by card, electronically, or by cash

It should also be noted that the renewal of the license requires you to get rid of all the fines and waste owed by you. In addition, the delay in renewing the license will cost you 10 dirhams per month.

In driving license translation Abu Dhabi employees are ready to schedule the renewal of your license and finish it quickly because they are fully aware of how important the license is to you.

The office also provides a strong team of professional translators and students of all laws related to the driver’s license in order to translate the license into any language you want

Hold meetings

The office is concerned with the need to hold meetings on an ongoing basis for employees in order to develop solutions to some of the problems that customers may face and train them on the latest types of devices that may help them finish clearing papers and documents quickly and inform them of legal translation Abu Dhabi, and all modern terms so that they can keep up with them and provide a translated driver’s license as the client wishes.

Customers service

The office provides customer service 24 hours a day in order to respond to all inquiries and questions related to customers.. The service is not only available for communication but is also available through the office’s official websites in order to ensure the comfort of the customer and choose the best way to communicate with us.

Check the license

The driver’s license is checked before it is translated to ensure its safety and also to ensure that it is free of fines and legal remnants that the customer may cause.

The company sets some legislation and laws for the safety of the customer, through the translation of the leading document is done in complete secrecy, and the information in it is preserved and no one sees it except for the client and the translator

Agree on a date for delivering the translated document without delay

If I have an international driving license, can I use it in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, of course, you can drive temporarily with the international driving license that you own, but you must renew your driving license or request an Emirati driving license in case you do not have one, especially since you intend to reside in the UAE.

 How to pay for irrigated waste in Abu Dhabi

Traffic services laws are designed for the safety of drivers and pedestrians, as there are financial penalties for legal violations, black points are placed on your driver’s license, and even if there is not enough time to visit the head office, you can pay traffic waste online

These are all the questions and inquiries related to the topic of the new driver’s license and how to obtain it

And in case you want to inquire about something else on legal translation UAE, hurry up to contact customer service through our numbers or our official pages on social media.




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