How to Translate CV into English


How to translate a CV into English? is it hard? Find out the easiest steps to do so in only 6 steps with this quick guide. 

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  1. Use formal language
  2. Do not confuse British and American English
  3. Compare to Templates
  4. Pay Attention to Details
  5. Take Your Time and PROOFREAD!
  6. Hire Experts

Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second-most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the world’s top cities for global business. Abu Dhabi embraces many multinational companies making it a good destination for job-seekers. So, If you are applying for your dream job in Abu Dhabi and need to translate your CV and Resume into English, let’s talk about how to catch your employer’s attention with the perfect English CV!

How to Translate CV into English

1. Use formal language and Active Sentences

It is important to use formal English when translating your CV. This means you should not use words in their shortened form. For instance, use “I am” instead of “I’m”. Do not use exclamation marks and informal language. Also, avoid using the first person singular at the beginning of the sentence.

  • Instead of saying: I was responsible for …
  • You can say Responsible for …
  • Instead of saying: I was in charge …
  • You can say: In charge of …
  • Instead of saying: I graduated from …
  • You can say: Graduated from …

Use active sentences to make your CV more interesting to read. For instance:

  • Instead of saying: I was in charge of ten employees and we met all our goals for the year.
  • You can say: Directed and trained a team of employees; hit all yearly goals.

2. Do not confuse British and American English

There are noticeable differences between American and British English. Hundreds of everyday words are so different between American and British English. For example, Brits go on holidays, while Americans go on vacations and Brits use the words Curriculum Vitae” (or “CV“), but Americans use the words “Personal Resume” or “Resume”). So, you can use either British English or American English to keep consistency throughout your application and adhere to the appropriate spelling.

It is also important to pay attention to words ending with -ize or -ise. For example, the word “organise ” is written ” organize” in American English and “organize” in British English.

3. Compare to Templates

You do not have to start from scratch; it is easy to find google templates of CV in English. You will find already phrases and structures that are used around the world. Also, you can refer to translation agencies or translation services in Abu Dhabi to provide you with English language CVs. For example, Alsun Translation services in Abu Dhabi is professional translation agency that can help you by providing the best document translation services.  

4. Pay Attention to Details

You should make sure that your contact details are translated correctly and consistently across all of your documents including your CV and cover letter email.  Also, make sure your CV is easy to read and stands out from the rest. Your CV must directly impact where you study or work.

5. Take Your Time and PROOFREAD!

Take your time with your CV and Cover Letter to make sure it will make a good impression.  Make sure your quality of English is flawless. Make sure you fill in all required information in your CV. Review your CV several times to make sure no data is missing or no spelling or grammar mistakes exist. There should be absolutely no errors because errors or mistakes in your CV show that you don’t pay attention to details. Ask a native to review it to double-check. Keep in mind that the translated version of your CV should be just professional as the original CV.

6. Hire Experts

In fact, the best way to translate your CV into English is to hire experts to do it for you.

Legal Translation Abu Dhabi service we offer is reliable and fast.  Provide us with the necessary details and get it translated the right way. Make sure the translation agency you choose is specialize in official document translation.


Now you understand more about how to translate a CV into English. However, it is not easy to do it yourself. You can let professionals do it for you. Why should you turn to Alsun Translation services in Abu Dhabi to translate your CV into English?

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