How much should I pay for translation services?


Translation services nowadays is very important for communication between different countries. There are many individuals like to travel abroad and businesses want to be expanded abroad and the translation is considered their tool to facilitate the communications between different languages. For these purposes they need professional certified legal translation services with high quality. Many people think about the cost of the top quality translation services. Here in this article we will mention some key factors to put in your consideration when thinking about getting highest translation quality. 

Factors affecting costs of translation services

Due to the importance of the translation services, we have to shed light on the key factors affecting translation cost.

  • Language pair and word count.

Cost of certified legal translation services varies regarding language pair factor, when it’s common language pair it’s cost will not be high as if it’s rare language pare. This is because the difficulty of rare language pair and the rare translators who translate it.

Another factor affecting the cost of the translation services is the word count of the document. Of course the cost will increase with the increasing of the word count.

  • Complexity of the content and turnaround time

Also one of the factors is the complexity of the content. The client must put in his consideration that the translation will cost higher when the content is complex like technical, legal, medical, marketing, literary and research translation. Finally the time is one of the affecting factors on cost of the translation services as if the translation is required urgently it will cost higher than the regular translation process.

Types of translation services

Types of translation services affecting the cost of the translation services there are many types of translation as the following:

  • Basic translation services

Basic translation service is a kind of translation needs normal translation. It needs accurate translation but not specialized translation. Basic translation like: documents, articles and normal texts. This kind of translation costs less than other kinds of translation. Alsun translation company offers standard prices for basic translation.

  • Localization

Localization is a kind of translation involving adapting your products and content to another culture. Businesses that expand their work abroad needs localization. You must put in your consideration that localization needs extra costs for the extra effort exerted 

  • Transcreation

This is a kind of creative translation for marketing and advertising to ensure that the message delivered to the target audience. Transcreative costs higher than other kinds of translation due to its difficulty as it needs specialized translators.

  • Quality assurance

Quality assurance is very crucial process in translation process including proofreading and editing. This process is done after translation to edit and correct any mistakes found to ensure the quality and accuracy. This process to be applied costs high in some companies. Quality assurance process is very important in translation like Alsun translation company always apply this process for translation to ensure their quality and professionality.


As mentioned in this article translation services is very crucial; many people need translation and they put in their consideration the cost of the translation that differs according some key factors affecting translation services cost. Alsun translation company provides professional translation specially legal translation Abu Dhabi , call us now .


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