How much do translation services cost per hour in 2023?


Translation services’ needs are in-rise nowadays. Businesses and individuals need translation for many reasons and for many places. When they think in translation, of course translation cost the first thing comes into their mind. How much do translation services Abu Dhabi cost per hour in 2023 ? Many people asked this question. Actually many factors affected translation cost. We will answer this question here.

There are many types of translation services Abu Dhabi.

There are different types of translation services. Each type has its cost. 

  • Translation service cost

This kind of translation service is the most common known type. All people know about it and they can say that many people don’t know any other type except this one. This kind of translation is the normal translation just translate the same as the source document without adapting or creating. This type costs around $0.10- $0.30 per word depending on the type of the document and the language you want to translate to.

  • Localization service cost

This is the second type of translation services. Localization adapts products and service to suit another culture and specific audience. This type of localization is used for manuals, games and websites. The cost here will increase by 20%- 40% than the normal translation cost regarding the difficulty of the material and the language need.

  • Transcreation

This type of translation is new and different as it’s mostly used in marketing. This kind of translation is free to create new content regarding the market and target audience. This kind of translation is calculated per hour and it ranges between $30- 70$ per hour.

Type of content affects the cost of translation.

Not all contents’ types have the same difficulty and they don’t take the same time and effort, that’s why the cost varies regarding the content.

  • Legal translation UAE 

Legal translation is the kind of translation such as court documents, contracts, agreements, certificates, licences and other legal papers. This kind of translation needs accuracy and professional translators who have legal expressions knowledge. The cost of this kind in legal translation uae company is calculated per page around $13 to $20.

  • Financial and Business translation cost

Financial and business translations have their expressions that translators must know by heart. In addition to the much effort exerted in financial translation like financial statements; as numbers need to be revised many times in order not to forget or to mistranslate any number. This kind of translations cost around $12- $18 per page sometimes Financial translation is calculated by time around  $20- $30 per hour.

  • Medical and technical translation cost

Medical and technical translations are very difficult and need specialized translators who have background for these fields. Each kind of them is highly specialized, they need much time and much effort that require extra fees than other kinds of translation.

  • Normal translation

Normal translation is a kind of translation that doesn’t need special expressions or much effort. Normal translations like emails, what’s app messages or personal letters. This kind of translation costs around $6- $15 depending on the word count and pair of language required.

Thus, we can say that the answer of this question “How much does the translation services cost per hour?” varies according to many factors, varies from one company to another and from one country to another. Alsun translation company provides professional legal translation services Abu Dhabi. It provides the translation with fixed cost pre-translation and its translation meets the deadlines and the clients’ needs.


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