How do you price a translation?


How do you price a translation? There are many pricing units for which we can calculate the translation cost. In this blog, we will discuss the commonest 3 pricing units and the factors you should consider if you wondering, “How do you price a translation?”

How do you price a translation?

How do you price a translation? Translation pricing can be calculated using different methods, including:

1- Per page pricing

Per-page pricing is a straightforward method of determining the cost of a translation based on the number of pages in the source document. 

The translation service provider sets a fixed price for each page, regardless of the word count on that page. 

This method is often used for documents with limited text on each page, such as certificates, brochures, or flyers. 

2- Per word pricing

It is a standard and widely used method in the translation industry. 

The translation service provider sets a rate for each word in the source document. 

The total cost is calculated by multiplying the word count of the source document by the per-word rate. 

3- Hourly or project-based pricing

The third method of translation pricing involves determining the total cost of the project based on the number of hours the translator or translation team spends working on it. 

Instead of calculating the cost per page or word, the service provider provides an hourly rate or a fixed project price based on their estimation of the time and effort required to complete the translation.

Factors affecting translation Abu Dhabi cost

there are many factors that affect on Translation Abu Dhabi cost , including:

Impact of time-frame

The time allotted for completing a translation assignment can influence the overall cost. 

For instance, urgent or rush translations may incur a 50% surcharge over standard rates.

Language combinations

The specific language combination involved in a translation project can also affect the pricing. 

Western European languages are generally more affordable, while Asian languages tend to be costlier due to the complexity of characters and the limited availability of qualified linguists.

The subject matter complexity 

Translations that involve highly technical content or extensive formatting, like legal translation services, may entail additional charges. 

Such complexities in legal translation services may require more time for the translation team to research the subject matter thoroughly or necessitate the involvement of industry-specialized linguists to ensure the accurate conveyance of context.

Beware of hidden fees

It’s necessary to be cautious of potential hidden fees some translation agencies charge to cover project management and overhead costs. 

Always ensure that the contract clearly outlines all fees before finalising the agreement.

The TEP process

Many reputable translation companies, like Alsun, follow a Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) process. 

This method involves translating each document by a native-speaking linguist and subsequently having it edited and proofread by qualified linguists. 

The goal is to ensure accuracy concerning the source material, cultural nuances, and linguistic standards. 

While some companies may offer translation services without editing at a lower price, it’s essential to note that unedited translations cannot be considered certified.


How do you price a translation? There are 3 common pricing units for translation: per page, word, and hour. Additionally, factors like the complexity, the time, the languages, the additional fees and processes should be considered if you wonder, “How do you price a translation?”


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