Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi


Recognizing the importance of legal translation in your business, you might ask, “Where can I find Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi?”. Here, we will answer this question to help you find the best legal translation office.

Legal translation is considered an essential part of dealing with legal matters with foreign authorities or international individuals. It ensures that interested parties understand the content of legal documents accurately and correctly.


Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Alsun Translation Services: Your Trusted Partner 

Alsun Translation Services is one of the leading companies in the UAE. We have provided various translation services for over 15 years. Alsun strives to put extensive experience, competence, high quality, and credibility in one place.

We are aware that translated legal documents must have legal acceptance when they are used for legal purposes. Alsun is a certified translation office in the UAE by all embassies, foreign authorities, ministries, and governmental institutions. We ensure that you obtain a high-quality, error-free, and certified legal translation that is valid for official uses. 

Legal translation is not considered one of the most difficult types of translation, but it has its own terminology and legal structures, which make its language unique and complex. Alsun recognizes this fact and chooses its translators according to it.

Our translators are certified by the Ministry of Justice in the UAE. They specialise in legal translation and  deeply understand legal terms and concepts in both the source and target languages. They have legal experience and linguistic skills that make them able to handle any kind of legal documents, from contracts and official documents to court papers.

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They maintain accuracy and clarity in translating legal documents to avoid misunderstandings between the interested parties. 

Confidentiality is always linked to legal documents. It is known that most legal documents contain confidential information, such as documents that contain personal information or contracts that contain secret legal information.

We, at Alsun, apply the highest levels of confidentiality and security policies to protect your official documents. 

Quick turnaround is one of the most important matters that Alsun pays great attention to when providing legal translation services. Our team of project managers and translators works in a sharp workflow to finish your legal translation on time, maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and authenticity. 


Where can I find a legal translation near me?

Alsun Translation Services is a certified translation office that has a distinguished place in the UAE. We have two branches; one is located in Abu Dhabi on Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street in Al Danah.

The other branch is located in Dubai at the Tower Plaza Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. You can head to the nearest branch to obtain the legal translation service that suits you. Additionally, Alsun has more branches in Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Alsun’s Legal Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Alsun provides various legal translation services that suit everyone’s needs. We translate:

  • Contracts and agreements, including rent contracts, employment contracts, partnership contracts, and licensing agreements. 
  • Bylaws and judicial decisions. 
  • Judicial document, including judicial rulings, legal certificates, memoranda, and legal reports. 
  • Police reports, affidavits, and power of attorney 
  • Trademark filings, including intellectual property agreements. 
  • Official documents, including national identification, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and college diplomas. 

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Legal translation is one of the most needed translations in the UAE, as it plays a crucial role in facilitating legal communication between different languages and cultures. We, at Alsun, provide legal translation services at the highest standards of accuracy and authenticity that fulfill the legal requirements and the customer’s needs.

Our MOJ-certified translators have the legal and linguistic qualifications that make them handle any type of legal document to provide accurate legal translation. Alsun’s sharp workflow maintains high quality and speed because legal documents cannot stand delay. 

At Alsun Translation Services, you are in a safe place where legal and personal information are protected. You can trust Alsun to be your partner in translating legal documents accurately and clearly.

In addition to that, Alsun has branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to be near you. Get in touch with us at any time to obtain your certified legal translation services in Abu Dhabi or any branch you might think  “provide legal translation near me”. 


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