All in One Guide: Translating Official Documents

Where I can translate official documents

When people intend to send their official documents to foreign authorities, they have to translate them into their local language to understand their content. So, the first question that flashes in your mind is “Where I can translate official documents?”. This article will answer this question, highlighting how to find the best translation office.


What are the official documents?

Official documents are documents that have a legal value and prove official information, including but not limited to passports, national identification, birth certificates, and marriage certificates. It is usually issued by official authorities in the official language of the countries that issue it.


Understanding the certified translation of an official document

The need for translated official documents appears when you use these documents for embassies or foreign authorities. They ask for the required document to be translated in their local language accurately and certified. Here comes the imperative question: where can I translate official documents?

Where I can translate official documents 

Before answering this question, let’s know what certified translation is. Certified translation is done by an approved translator or a certified translation office.

It is usually used for official documents. The difference between certified translation and any other type of translation is that the certified translation carries the stamp of the certified translation office that issued it and the signature of the approved translator. It might be accompanied by a statement to ensure that this translation is identical to the original document and accurate.


Knowing the criteria for choosing the right translation office for you 

To get a certified translation for official documents, you have to choose a certified translation office. Here are some criteria for choosing the best certified translation office:

  1. Experience and competence: the translation office must have approved experience in providing translation services and check its extent in the required fields.
  2. Certifications: Be sure that the translation office is certified by the embassies and official authorities. There are many ways to know whether the translation office is certified or not.
    (1) checking the official websites of embassies as they write a list of their certified translation offices.
    (2) Searching online for reviews and opinions of previous customers that show their credibility.
    (3) Search for the accreditation certificate on the office’s official website, as many offices share their certifications on their websites and social media platforms, if any.
  3. Good reputation: the reputation of a translation office is one of its most important features. Therefore, look for reviews and opinions of previous customers to ensure the quality of the services that are provided and credibility.
  4. Professional translators: the certified translation office must have a team of professional translators that have advanced linguistic qualifications and extensive experience in different fields in many languages.
  5. Confidentiality: the translation office must apply the policy of confidentiality and protection of personal information and documents.
  6. Cost: compare the prices of different offices and check that the price is reasonable for the quality of the service provided. 

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Where I can translate official documents

Alsun Translation Services: Your First Choice

Let’s answer your question: “Where can I translate official documents?”. Asun Translation Services is the best choice for your needs in the translation field. We are ranked at the top of the certified translation offices in the UAE generally, and in Abu Dhabi especially. 

Here, extensive experience meets high quality to provide distinguishable translation services that fulfill your expectations.  We provide legal translation services that are certified by all embassies, foreign authorities, and governmental institutions.

Alsun is aware of the importance of official document translation, so we are keen to hire the best professional translators that are specialised in different fields, including legal, medical, technical, financial, etc. 

The team of translators at Alsun has high linguistic skills and extensive experience in various languages to convey terminology and linguistic expressions in a sound language that suits the target language. 

We, at Alsun, deeply understand the importance of accuracy and deadlines in translating official documents, so we strive to ensure providing high-quality certified translation in the determined time. We have a team of perceptive project managers, translators, and proofreaders who work in a smooth workflow to deliver your error-free translation in a quick turnaround.

Alsun applies the highest level of confidentiality and security to protect personal information and documents.

When you choose Alsun Translation Services, you choose high quality, accuracy, and credibility. We are here to help you obtain a certified translation of your official document confidentially and quickly. 

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In this article, we answered the question, “Where can I translate official documents?”, highlighting the meaning of official documents and explaining the concept of certified translation of official documents.

In addition to that, we mentioned the criteria of the best translation office, including experience, certification, a good reputation, and confidentiality. 

We, at Alsun, are proud to provide legal translation services in various languages by the most professional team with the highest standards of quality and accuracy in a quick turnaround. 



How do I send my official documents to Alsun? 

You can send your documents via e-mail or WhatsApp or visit our office in Abu Dhabi.

How can I ensure that my translation is certified? 

The translated documents that are provided by Alsun have the signature and seal of the office and the date with a certificate that ensures the translation is identical to the original document and accurate.

What is the cost of translating an official document?

The cost of translation depends on the type of document whether it is a birth certificate, contract, national identification, etc. It also depends on the volume of the text, the required language pair, and the delivery time.


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