Court document translation by expert legal professionals

Court document translation

Court documents must be translated accurately; otherwise, their authenticity might be doubted. We’re experts in translating court papers, with extensive experience in all court settings. You can rely on us to handle all your court document translations in over 50 languages; we’re capable of translating entire document sets, case files, and session papers into any language you need.

Court document translation in Abu Dhabi

Court document translation services are necessary for converting legal papers from one language to another, especially for court cases and official use. These translations must be precise and dependable so that everyone involved in legal matters can grasp what the documents convey. 

At Alsun Translation Company, we have translators who excel not only in languages but also in legal terms and ideas, guaranteeing accuracy. Moreover, we maintain strict confidentiality and privacy measures to safeguard sensitive legal data.

Difficulty of court translations 

Legal systems differ from country to country, each with its rules and documents. While some legal systems may have similarities, specific terms or concepts may not have equivalents in other languages.

Furthermore, legal systems are constantly changing. Laws are updated or amended regularly. Thus, legal translation companies in UAE must stay updated with these changes to ensure their court translation services remain accurate and high-quality.

Why do we need court document translation?

Court document translation is of utmost importance for several reasons:

Legal proceedings

Court cases involving parties who speak different languages require translating documents such as complaints, motions, and evidence to ensure fair trials and understanding of legal proceedings.


Translating documents in multilingual jurisdictions or cases involving individuals unfamiliar with the court’s language ensures accessibility and comprehension of legal matters.

International cases

In cases involving international parties or transactions, court document translation facilitates communication and ensures all parties understand the legal processes and implications.

Legal compliance

Some jurisdictions mandate court document translation into the official language(s) for legal compliance and procedural adherence.

Evidence presentation

Translating evidence presented in court ensures that judges and jurors comprehend the content and context, especially in unfamiliar languages.

Appeals or cross-border cases

Court document translations are essential in appeals or cross-border disputes to review previous proceedings and ensure a fair and accurate understanding of the case.

Choose ATS, Choose Confidence

Accuracy, clarity, and reliability are paramount for court document translation. At ATS, we understand the critical nature of legal translation and offer unparalleled expertise to ensure your court documents are flawlessly translated every time.

With our unparalleled expertise, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to client satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for the best court in Abu Dhabi.

Expert court interpretation services with ATS

Are you in need of reliable and proficient court interpretation services? Beyond court document translation, we have a proven track record of excellence and a team of highly skilled interpreters for all your interpretation needs.

  • Our interpreters deeply understand legal terminology across various fields, ensuring accurate and precise interpretation during court proceedings.
  • We understand the critical role interpretation plays in legal proceedings and leave no room for errors. You can trust us to deliver reliable interpretation services that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.
  • With ATS, you can always expect timely responses, efficient scheduling, and professional conduct.

Types of documents we excel at translating

  • Tribunal forms.
  • Claim forms.
  • Evidence files.
  • Case files.
  • Legal bundles.
  • Criminal documents.
  • Civil documents.

We are experts at every legal document

At Alsun Translation Company, we provide accurate translations that keep the original meaning of your documents, no matter what kind of legal document you want us to translate. Our legal expertise includes:

  • Witness statement translation.
  • Divorce certificate translation
  • Articles of incorporation translation.
  • Prenuptial agreement translation.
  • Bylaws translation.
  • Contract translation.
  • Deed & title translation.
  • Deposition translation.
  • Patent document translation.
  • Power of attorney translation.
  • Web compliance translation.

We do our best to serve all organisations in Abu Dhabi 

Many businesses and organisations in Abu Dhabi need help translating legal papers. This is because they may need to communicate with people who speak different languages, work with others from various countries, and correctly understand the rules and regulations to follow the law.

At ATS, we’re good at offering top-notch legal translation services in Abu Dhabi to any organisation. Our goal is to provide exact translations that perfectly match any needs.

  • Courts and Law Firms.
  • Government Agencies.
  • Immigration Offices.
  • International Organizations.
  • Non-Profit Organisations.
  • Patent Offices.
  • Arbitration Centers.
  • Corporations and Universities.

Why choose Alsun Translation Company?

Legal language mastery

Here at ATS, we’re experts in legal language. Our team is comprised of experienced linguists who specialize in legal terms. They ensure court document translations are accurate and capture the essence of your documents, including all the legal details.

Understanding cultural differences

Our translators know languages and understand different cultures deeply. They handle cultural subtleties skillfully, ensuring your court documents feel genuine regardless of language or location.

Keeping your information secure

We know how important confidentiality is for court document translation. It’s not just a promise; it’s our top priority. With strict data security measures, you can trust us with your most confidential information.

Customized solutions

Every legal case is unique, and we get that. That’s why we provide tailor-made translation services to fit your exact needs. We deliver precise court document translations that match your requirements perfectly.

On-time delivery

Our streamlined processes and dedicated project managers ensure quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We’re aware of deadlines and go above and beyond to meet them.

Final thoughts

Precision and reliability are essential for court document translation. At Alsun Translation Company, we ensure communication flows smoothly across various legal situations. Our translators have solid linguistic skills and understand legal details well, ensuring translations are precise and genuine. We take privacy seriously and tailor our services to your needs, keeping your sensitive legal information safe and blending accuracy with efficiency.


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