What does the legal translator do?

What does the legal translator do

Translation is an essential tool and a noble profession that facilitates communication in various fields, including the legal field, which highly require translation services. In this article, we provide a comprehensive answer to the question: What does the legal translator do? We shed light on the skills that a legal translator must have in order to provide accurate translation services in uae given the sensitivity and accuracy of the legal field.

What does the legal translator do?

The legal translator is the most reliable and trustworthy source for translating legal documents, which usually include complicated terms, that vary from one country to another in accordance with the different regulations and laws of each country.

The legal translator translates all documents related to the courts where no error is permitted, even by omission. Accuracy in this field determines the destiny of people, and error may lead to the acquittal of guilty persons or the conviction of innocent persons.

In addition, you may need to cooperate with a legal translator at the personal level, as he is entrusted with translating many personal papers, such as marriage, divorce, birth and death certificates, and otherwise.

Certified Legal Translator

Have you ever wondered… What does the Certified Legal Translator do? What is the difference between him and the ordinary legal translator? You may think that the difference between them is just simple and has no effect, but in fact, there is a significant and critical difference between them.

Legal translation is one of the most critical types of translation, as it requires high accuracy and excellence. The translator must be honest upon translating the texts, so that there is no room for the change and falsification of facts. You ensure such qualities and more whenever you deal with a certified translator.

Certification is the evidence of professionalism of the translator or translation office and, therefore, is a guarantee for the quality and accuracy of the submitted translation and the exact matching of the translated and source documents.

The legal translator’s role in obtaining a travel visa

It is widely recognized that the translation of legal documents is of great importance and has multiple uses, especially with regard to travel procedures, which require translating several documents, including legal documents such as: criminal records, passports, etc.

This process requires a certified and reliable legal translator to ensure the ease of travel procedures and the admission of the translated documents without delay.

What does the legal interpreter do?

Simultaneous interpretation acts as the effective link that ensures that all attendees can easily understand the conversation and, therefore, helps achieve cooperation in various fields.

With regard to the legal aspect, the interpreter plays a significant role in achieving justice in the courtrooms, as the lawsuits often involve parties of different nationalities who speak different languages.

In such a case, there must be someone who can accurately and honestly explain each word to everyone in an effort to establish the facts and preserve the rights of each party.

How to ensure that a legal translator is certified?

Ensuring the translator’s certification is a very essential step to ensure the level of the service provided. This can be achieved through several ways, including:

  • Communicate with the certification authorities and inquire about the translator or the translation office, as such authorities register the names of the certified offices and translators, and it is easy to inquire therein.
  • Request the translation office or the translator to show you its/his certification, whether by visiting their headquarters or by communicating online via WhatsApp or e-mail.
  • Review the comments and reviews of previous clients on the social media pages of the office/ translator, and through which you can ensure their certification and other important matters, such as their commitment to the deadline, quality of translation, etc.

Types of Legal Translation

There are many branches of Legal translation, and they all have something in common, i.e., the strict and mandatory need for accuracy, the precise selection of terms matching with their counterparts in the source language, so that the required meaning is delivered in full to the intended party/ person. Here are some of the widely known types of legal translation:

Translation of International Laws and Constitutions

International laws and constitutions need accurate translation to avoid confusion, as each word has a certain degree of intensity of the verb that must be considered during the translation of the articles of constitutions, international laws, conventions and treaties concluded among countries.

Translation of Local Laws

The legal translator in charge of translating the local laws shall be fully familiar with such laws, in order to convey them to any other language with the same intended meanings and connotations without any confusion.

Translation of Legal Contracts

The translation of legal contracts includes the memoranda of association, tenancy and sale contracts,  which is one of the most popular types of legal translation that many people require during their economic or personal dealings, especially if either party thereto a is foreigner.

The legal translator of contracts shall consider the need to express accurately, to avoid causing any problems or disputes due to any error in the translation of contracts, which may amount to the loss of a person’s rights or the imposition of financial fines on him or otherwise.

Legal Writings

Legal legislations are highly integrated with each other, and legal specialists often use foreign writings in their studies in order to facilitate their scientific research.

In order to do so in a distinctive manner, the translator must have a deep legal background that allows him to translate such writings, and accurately and clearly express what the writer actually means.

Commercial Legal Translation

This type relates to the commercial aspects where some matters intervene between trade and law, which requires hiring a legal translation to reflect texts accurately and professionally to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

This type serves everything related to the incorporation or liquidation of companies, investment operations, formal board agreements, and concluded deals, such as mergers, acquisitions, and auctions.

Translation of organizations’ regulations and policies

The organizational rules and regulations of institutions include a set of rules that are deemed as binding legal provisions for all members of this institution, and therefore, they should be conveyed in a cautious and accurate manner, ensuring that they are understood and implemented in the same way with the different target languages to which the rules are translated.

Translation of Intellectual Property

This type is a mixture of legal, technical and creative aspects. Although most texts are limited, such as the translation of a company’s trademark name, patent, or even documents proving copyright or business secrets, they require a perfect ingenuity and accuracy, and require the translator’s knowledge of both language and law, along with his/her creative talents and technical knowledge, to ensure the proper translation from the source language to the target language with utmost accuracy and ease.

How to Become a Professional Legal Translator?

Professionalization of translation profession is a sublime goal that deserves to be pursued. Translation is one of the most useful professions due to its position and role in various fields, especially fine disciplines such as legal translation. The following are some key tips that will help you to professionalize this profession:

  • Full proficiency in a language pair, provided that one of the two languages shall be your mother tongue, so that you can save enough time to identify the features and details of the other language.
  • Deep knowledge of the legal aspect, understanding the differences in regulations and laws that differ from one country to another, and the practice and keeping pace with the latest developments.
  • Adequate knowledge of the cultural differences between both languages so that you can render a translation that accurately fits the traditions and culture of the target group/ audience.
  • Attend certified language and law courses to become familiar with up-to-date directives.
  • Continuous practice, even if it is free at the beginning, in order to be trained on the sensitive nature of legal translation and its urgent requirement for accuracy.

The legal documents most in need of translation

The need for translating legal documents increases day by day. Below are some of the documents that highly need translation:

  • Corporate Contracts of various types and clauses.
  • Driving licenses, professional licenses, and other types of licenses.
  • Quality licenses such as ISO certificates.
  • Employment contracts of various types and terms.
  • Tenancy and ownership contracts for various owned facilities.
  • The documents related to the educational aspects, such as graduation certificate or student enrollment.
  • Marriage and divorce contracts
  • Birth and death certificate.
  • Family record certificates.
  • Personal papers such as ID card and passport.
  • Documents related to courts, and criminal and non-criminal cases.
  • Powers of attorney, and guardianship and authorization papers
  • Documents of financial ownership in general, stocks, bonds and sukuk.

At ATS, we can translate all types of legal documents in the highest possible quality to ensure that you can easily deal with the competent authority and quickly accept the documents.

The best certified legal translation office in Abu Dhabi

Do you intend to contract with a legal translation office in Abu Dhabi? It’s an excellent step, but with the abundance of options, it can be difficult for you to select the best office.

At ATS, we have over 15-year experience of excellence in all disciplines and types of translation, and we have a large team, which includes the most skilled and best translators in the Arab world.

We also have six branches throughout the Arab world, including Abu Dhabi branch, where we have the pleasure to provide our clients with all certified translation services at the most affordable prices.

ATS is the best choice for those seeking distinguished and certified legal translation services, which consider the highest standards of quality, while ensuring honesty, impartiality, transparency and excellence!

Why ATS?

Because we are the best legal translation in Abu Dhabi office , who can provide you with the most accurate and highest quality possible at the most affordable prices. ATS ensures:

  • Integrity of language, grammar, and spelling, and the translated document is completely free of drafting errors, such as padding, inadequacy and weakness.
  • Matching between the legal terms that we use in translation process and the common terms in the destination entity and country.
  • The ability to format the translation document exactly, as per the required standards of certification, since ATS is certified by all international embassies.
  • Considering all the differences that may result from different legal systems in the various countries. We are always aware of all legal systems and their differences.
  • Reviewing the translated legal text by more than one translator and lawyer before delivery to ensure that it is correct, accurate and identical to the original document.
  • The confidentiality of your translated legal information as we apply the strongest protection protocols that help maintain the security and privacy of our customers’ data.
  • Providing all certified translation services at the lowest prices that suit the budget of all customers without compromising the translation quality.


Now, you become familiar with the legal translator’s work and his vital and important role in courts and everything related to legal documents. The certified legal translator is a reliable link that facilitates communication between individuals, companies and the concerned official authorities. In order to ensure honesty and accuracy in the translation of legal documents of all kinds, approach ATS and benefit from the expertise of its distinguished team!


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