translation services in uae

Translation services in uae

The United Arab Emirates, known for its international business landscape and diverse population, has seen an increasing demand for translation services to bridge linguistic gaps and facilitate seamless communication among individuals, businesses, and government agencies. This blog explores all types of translation services in UAE, its great importance, and more!

Importance of translation services in UAE

Translation services in UAE are essential for communication and accessibility in this diverse and multilingual society.

Multilingual society

The UAE has a diverse population of various nationalities and languages. Arabic is the official language in the United Arab Emirates, but English is widely spoken. Translation services help bridge the gap between these languages and many others spoken by residents and visitors.

Effective communication

Effective communication is essential in various aspects of life, from daily interactions to business transactions and government services. 

Translation services in UAE ensure that people can communicate accurately and efficiently, regardless of their language backgrounds.


Access to information and services should be inclusive to cater to the needs of all residents and visitors, regardless of their language proficiency. 

Translation services in UAE make government services, educational materials, healthcare information, and other essential resources accessible to a broader audience.

Legal compliance

Legal and regulatory documents often need to be understood by individuals and businesses from different linguistic backgrounds. 

Accurate translations of legal documents are essential for compliance with the law and protecting all parties’ rights.

Cultural exchange

The UAE promotes cultural exchange through various events and initiatives. Translation services facilitate cultural exchange by making cultural events, exhibitions, and festivals accessible to a diverse audience, fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Types of translation services in UAE

Translation services in UAE are in high demand due to its diverse population and status as a global business centre. 

These services cater to various sectors and industries, helping bridge language barriers in a multicultural society. 

Here are some types of translation services commonly offered in the UAE:

1- Legal translation

  • Official document translation: Legal translation UAE includes translating legal documents such as contracts, court judgments, and immigration papers to ensure they are valid and legally binding in Arabic and other languages.
  • Notarised translation:  Some documents may require notarization to be accepted by government authorities. The notarized translation services in UAE are certified by a notary public.
  • Interpretation services: In legal proceedings, such as court hearings or meetings with lawyers, interpreters may be needed to facilitate communication between parties who speak different languages.

2- Business translation

  • Financial translation: Translating financial documents, such as annual reports, financial statements, and business contracts, to support multinational companies’ operations.
  • Marketing translation: Adapting marketing materials like brochures, websites, and advertisements to effectively reach a multilingual audience while maintaining the brand’s message and identity.

3- Medical translation

Medical translation services in UAE involve translating medical records, prescriptions, and research papers to ensure accurate communication between healthcare professionals and patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

4- Technical translation

  • Engineering and technical translation: Translating technical manuals, patents, and product documentation for engineering, manufacturing, and technology industries.
  • IT translation: Translating software applications, websites, and IT documentation to enable users to understand and use technology products in their preferred languages.

5- Educational translation

Translating educational certificates and transcripts for students and professionals pursuing higher education or seeking employment in the UAE.

6- Website and software localisation

Adapting websites and software applications to the linguistic and cultural preferences of the UAE market, ensuring a user-friendly experience for local users.

7- Tourism and hospitality translation

Translating content for the tourism and hospitality industry, such as hotel brochures, travel guides, and menus, to cater to tourists and travellers worldwide.

8- Multilingual interpreting

Providing simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for conferences, business meetings, and international events to facilitate communication among participants speaking different languages.

9- Audio and video translation

Transcribing and translating audio and video content, including subtitles and voiceovers for movies, TV shows, and online videos, to reach a broader audience.

10- Government and public sector translation

Assisting government agencies in translating official documents, public notices, and communication materials to ensure accessibility to non-Arabic-speaking residents and visitors.

Best translation services in UAE

Alsun provides top-tier translation services in the UAE through a team of highly skilled and experienced translators who are fluent in a wide range of languages.

  • Our expert translators provide precise translations that respect the nuances of Arabic and culture.
  • We offer translation services in a wide range of languages, ensuring effective communication on a global scale.
  • Our team of experienced linguists and proofreaders ensures that your translations are of the highest quality.
  • We understand the importance of deadlines and offer swift turnaround times without compromising quality.
  • Our translators have expertise in various industries, ensuring accurate and contextually relevant translations.

Affordable translation charges in UAE with the utmost quality

At Alsun, we offer translation services that combine affordability and quality seamlessly. 

We believe that clear communication should be accessible to everyone, and that’s why we’ve tailored our pricing to suit your budget without compromising on the precision and effectiveness of our translations. 

With our experienced team of linguists and a commitment to excellence, we deliver accurate translations with low translation charges in UAE, meeting your every requirement. 

Best certified online translation services

Our dedicated team of linguistic experts offers comprehensive online translation solutions, ensuring your content resonates across cultures and languages. 

We empower you to connect confidently with anyone, anywhere, with a wide range of language options and a deep understanding of cultural nuances.


In the diverse and multilingual landscape of the UAE, translation services are indispensable. With its varied population, this dynamic society speaks many languages alongside Arabic, the official language. These services effectively bridge linguistic gaps, enabling seamless communication between residents and visitors. Beyond daily interactions, they play a pivotal role in business transactions and government services, ensuring that essential information is accessible to everyone, regardless of their language background.


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