what is approximately translation charges in uae ?

translation charges in uae

We will learn more about the translation charges UAE in detail through this article from the ATS press.

affordable translation charges in UAE

Our translation services are available through out the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai Beyond cultures and languages, our file translation and legalization services aim to elevate your company to the next level.

We offer certified translations following UAE law and take pride in our dependable Language translation services.

Certificate translation is performed over multiple languages while maintaining the highest level of secrecy. You could contact us for any foreign language translation and legalization services.

translation abu dhabi cost

At ATS, we provide a reasonable translation abu dhabi cost for all translation services; if you need an accurate translation for your documents and records quickly, we’re here for you with a group of expert translators in various segments to meet your requirement at any time.

legal translation UAE

Legal translation uae encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Some of the most prevalent kinds of translation are:

Contract translation

Contracts underpin almost everything that a business does. Contract translation is critical for protecting firms and clients from critical legal consequences. This could include contracts for any domestic or international trade, tenancy agreements, real estate papers, contract terms, and much more.

Technology and layout

Copyright translations are another essential part of legal translation work. Safeguarding your intellectual property rights in both design and technology is necessary.

Legal translation uae also ensures you have all the relevant data to help you sell to more markets – for instance; you could get documents translated to ensure your product lines meet international requirements before signing them. Once you’re in business, you can request that a variety of crucial legal text be translated, like product safety data, return policy, and marketing campaign messages.


Marketing is a massive part of any business, but some legal differences exist when attempting to market to a new audience. This implies that if you want to try marketing in various countries, you should hire a professional translator.

Certificate translation

As previously stated, certificate translations are critical. If you intend to work in a foreign country, you should require your certificates translated and organized for the region you are in. Certificate translations must frequently be certified. Certified translations indicate that the translator has completed a precise sworn translation of the certificates.

What exactly is legal document translation?

Obtaining the correct translated document takes time and effort. Many papers are used for lawful reasons. Many government agencies, employers, and healthcare providers would only acknowledge original documents or sworn copies of files as proof of identity, place of residence, or education. This is why legal document translation is essential.

What role does translation play in the legal system?

Legal document translation is essential when navigating the law system. Using the correct language services could assist you in keeping good legal interactions with other companies, law offices, or persons.

You could ensure the precision of the translated documents by needing all your court papers translated by a sworn translator and signed by a notary public. This implies there is room for understanding and communication.

An excellent translation firm would then provide linguistic precision. Still, it will also assist format data in a logical configuration, which helps ensure that the files collaborate with the legal systems of any region.

What types of legal documents are available for translation?

A legal translator could translate almost any document. Numerous documents are available to assist businesses in understanding the legal aspects of their global relationships with other countries, guiding business decisions, or helping marketing teams make the right marketing decisions – all of which could assist a global brand in avoiding legal problems while working in a different country.


Understandably, businesses want to anticipate and prevent action from being taken against their sales teams, marketing teams, or product designers. This is why having the legal support of a trained lawful translator could be highly beneficial to various industries.

In Closing

If you need to know the translation charges in UAE at the ATS office precisely, contact us for more details about the accurate and fast translation services in UAE.


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