Best precise medical report translation in Abu Dhabi

medical report translation in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for the best certified medical report translation? ATS offers professional medical report translation services in all languages, whether for a clinical study, an insurance claim, a second opinion, or transferring a patient to another facility. We ensure accuracy and efficiency for healthcare professionals and patients globally. Our expert team translates medical reports from hospitals, clinics, and physicians. Additionally, Alsun legal translation Abu Dhabi can translate medical lab results like MRI scans and blood tests.

What are medical reports?

A medical report talks about your medical past. It’s made by your doctor, who knows your health story well. These reports matter if you’re going overseas for treatment or moving to another country.

Types of medical reports frequently requiring translation

Medical report translation is necessary for doctors to treat patients effectively. Numerous types of medical reports necessitate translation, including:

  • MRI and X-ray test results.
  • List of patient medications.
  • Lab results.
  • Drug tests.
  • Patient files and records.
  • Physical examination reports.
  • Allergies report.
  • Consultation reports.
  • Insurance policy claims.
  • Chronic conditions.
  • Clinical treatments.
  • Mental health history.
  • Hospital intake summaries.
  • Hospital discharge summaries.
  • Medical bills.
  • Pregnancy and/or fertility reports.
  • Emergency room visits.

Other resources that may require medical translations include:

  • Clinical trials.
  • Medical journals.
  • Medical devices and how-to user guides.
  • Medical research papers.
  • Medical software.
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Why may you need medical report translation?

Medical reports provide a detailed look at your health history. Doctors and insurance companies often ask for these reports because they want to know the facts about your health, which helps them in medical decisions and legal matters. You might need a translated medical report to share your health history with foreign authorities.

Since medical reports show a person’s health history, condition, and treatment, there are many reasons to translate them. This is especially true if you’re going to another country. You might need it for:

  • Medical research.
  • Moving to a different hospital.
  • Getting medical treatment in another country.
  • Continuing treatment after returning home.
  • Making insurance claims.
  • Getting government benefits.
  • Handling legal matters.
  • Working in certain jobs.

No matter what kind of report it is or why it needs to be translated, it’s really important that it’s translated accurately.

How do you get a medical report translation?

If you have a medical report to translate, it’s necessary to get it done by skilled medical translators. They need to know all about medicine and medical terms. Doctors and hospital workers will read this report. So, any errors in the translation could lead to big problems. That’s why it’s wise to pick a specialised translation agency with a track record of doing this work well.

ATS is the best company for medical report translation

Translating medical reports can be tricky because of the way they’re written. Doctors, who are usually busy and tired, write them in a short and sometimes hard-to-understand style. Our translators are skilled in understanding this kind of language. Some of them are even licensed doctors in specific medical fields.

Usually, medical reports come in PDF format, which isn’t easy to edit. The quality can be low because they’re scanned and sent electronically. Our team will convert the PDF into an editable format like MS Word while keeping the original layout intact.

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Certified medical report translation

When translating medical reports, we always include a signed Statement of Accuracy certificate. If you need the translation for official use, is it certified and recognized by authorities? Are you worried about time? Don’t be! We’ll ensure you get your medical report translations promptly, even if it means working nonstop to meet your deadline.

Medical report translations in +50 Languages

At ATS, our team of skilled language experts works worldwide to provide top-notch medical report translations in almost any language you want. We cover a wide range of languages, including:

  • Spanish.
  • Arabic.
  • German.
  • Chinese.
  • Korean.
  • Japanese.
  • French.
  • Portuguese.
  • Russian.
  • Italian.

Accurate translation for your medical reports

At ATS, we understand the importance of accurate medical translations. Regarding your health, it’s necessary not to compromise quality. Instead of trying to save money by cutting corners, invest in our expert linguists, who can provide trustworthy translations for your medical reports.

Send your reports through WhatsApp or email and receive top-notch medical translations from our professionals online. We assist countless individuals and businesses daily in obtaining the required certified medical translations.

We promote patient safety

Good communication is crucial in healthcare, and it can even save lives. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring top-notch translations. We want everyone involved in patient care to understand clearly.

When translations are spot-on, doctors and healthcare workers can make the right choices. Patients can also understand their health issues, treatment choices, and how to better take care of themselves. We’re here to ensure nobody gets left out because of language barriers. We want everyone in healthcare to feel confident and empowered.

We translate every medical report according to your needs

At ATS, we have a lot of experience translating medical reports. We can handle various kinds of reports, including:

  • Discharge Summaries.
  • Consultation Reports.
  • Pathology Reports.
  • History and Physical Reports.
  • Radiology Reports.
  • Laboratory Reports.
  • Hospital Reports.
  • Operative Reports.
  • Medico-Legal Reports.
  • Admission Reports.
  • Initial Office Evaluations.

We have experts in medical report translation

Our translators are experts with years of experience. They undergo rigorous workflows to ensure accuracy, guaranteeing that your medical report is just as good as the original.

Our translators are native speakers accredited by the American Translators Association or equivalent. They also have specialized medical knowledge, many of whom are medical professionals.

At ATS, we guarantee quality and accuracy. We deliver reliable medical report translations even when faced with difficult doctor handwriting. Upon request, we provide certificates of accuracy in translation. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Factors impacting medical reports’ translation costs

The cost of translating medical reports can vary based on different factors. 

  • First, how complex the text is matters. Some medical terms are complicated, and skilled translators are needed. 
  • Second, if the report is extensive, it takes more time and resources, costing it more. 
  • Also, the languages being translated affect the cost. Common languages are cheaper but cost more if the structure is complex or uses unique scripts. 
  • Urgency also plays a role. If it’s urgent, there are extra fees because it needs to be done quickly.
  • Another thing is the expertise needed. Medical knowledge raises the rates for translators. 

Final thoughts

When you move to another country or travel abroad, you might have to translate your medical reports for your new doctor. It’s essential to get this translation right and done quickly. You need someone reliable for this job. That’s where we come in. We have much experience translating medical documents to help you with this process. Our team of translators has already translated many medical reports successfully. No matter which language you need your reports in, you can count on us for fast, accurate medical report translations.


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