Online interpretation services by professional interpreters

Online interpretation services

At Alsun Translation Company, we offer top-notch online interpretation services at affordable rates. Our native-certified interpreters help improve communication, inclusion, and accessibility in many fields. We aim to make connecting effectively in today’s globalised world easier for people and organisations.

What are online interpretation services?

Online interpretation is a specialised service that aims to help people who speak different languages communicate in real-time. Interpreters use video calls, audio calls, or text messages to help with communication. This way, people can still understand each other even if they are not in the same place.

Main two methods of online interpretation services

There are various forms of online interpretation, including:

Video remote interpretation:

This involves using video conferencing software to connect individuals with an interpreter who provides real-time online interpretation services. VRI is often used in healthcare settings, legal proceedings, conferences, and other situations where visual cues are important.

Telephone interpretation:

Telephone interpretation involves connecting individuals via a telephone line to an interpreter who facilitates communication between parties who speak different languages. This interpretation is commonly used for on-demand language assistance in customer service, healthcare, legal, and other settings.

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Online interpretation services are indispensable


Communication should be accessible to everyone, whether they speak different languages or have hearing problems. That’s where online interpretation services come in handy. They’re necessary for healthcare appointments, legal matters, business meetings, and customer service.


Organizations need to include everyone. Online interpretation services help with this. They ensure everyone can take part, no matter what language they speak or if they have hearing issues. This fairness is essential for education, healthcare, jobs, and socializing.


Online interpretation is often faster and more straightforward than in traditional methods. You can get an interpreter right away, and there’s no need to travel. It’s also great for talking with people far away. This saves time and money for businesses and makes things smoother.


Online interpretation offers flexibility. You can use it whenever you want, day or night. Organizations can adjust how much they use based on their needs. This means language help is always there, whenever or wherever you need it.

Uses of online interpretation services

Online interpreting services are beneficial in many industries and situations. They help people communicate well, especially if they speak different languages or have trouble hearing. These services have lots of purposes, like:


In healthcare, online interpretation services are often used to help doctors and patients who don’t speak the same language. They’re handy for medical appointments, telemedicine chats, emergencies, and counselling sessions.

Legal and judicial settings

Similarly, online interpreting services are handy in legal places like courtrooms or law firms. They help during legal proceedings such as trials, lawyer meetings, police interviews, and immigration processes.

Business and international relations

Businesses that deal internationally find online interpretation services super helpful. They make talking with clients, partners, or suppliers from different language backgrounds easy. This helps in making deals and expanding business worldwide.


In schools or colleges, online interpreting services help everyone understand each other. They’re helpful during parent-teacher talks, advising sessions, or teaching multilingual classrooms.

Customer service and support

Online interpreting services are a lifesaver for businesses that serve customers who speak different languages. They allow businesses to provide customer support in various languages through phone, chat, or video calls, keeping customers happy.

Government and public services

Government offices use online interpreting services to reach everyone, regardless of language. They’re used in government meetings, public events, safety announcements, and disaster responses.

Travel and hospitality

In hotels and airlines, online interpretation services help make travellers feel welcome. They make it easy for staff to communicate with guests from different countries, making travel smoother.

Media and entertainment

Online interpreting services help TV shows, movies, and live events reach a wider audience. They provide translations for live broadcasts, interviews, press meetings, and even sports events.

Community organizations

Community groups use online interpreting services to help everyone feel included. They’re used in community events, support groups, or when providing social services.

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Factor to consider when hiring an online interpreting service

When hiring online interpretation services, several factors must be considered to ensure you select the most suitable provider for your needs:

  • Verify interpreters’ fluency in required languages and qualification in source and target languages.
  • Assess interpretation quality, assurance processes, and interpreter experience for accuracy.
  • Determine if the service specializes in your industry to ensure subject matter expertise.
  • Evaluate user-friendly, reliable technology, considering compatibility, audio/video quality, and security.
  • Choose a provider with 24/7 availability and prompt response to requests.
  • Compare rates, transparency, and value for money in pricing structures.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and robust security measures for data protection.

The best company for online interpretation services and beyond

Are you looking for top-notch online interpretation services? ATS is the best provider of interpretation services in the UAE, delivering unmatched linguistic solutions tailored to diverse needs. We employ a team of skilled linguists proficient in many languages to ensure flawless communication across cultural and linguistic barriers.

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Final thoughts

Online interpretation services have become essential for many different fields. They help in healthcare, education, legal matters, and international business. These services ensure everyone can communicate effectively, no matter where they are. At Alsun Translation Company, we specialize in providing top-notch interpretation services. With ATS, you can trust that communication will be effective and seamless.


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