Google answers :Is google translate verificated?

Google answers :Is google translate verificated?

When it comes to translating, it’s always about the accuracy of a tool like Google Translate. Although it can translate literary text into English with a high accuracy rate, SO we’ve to answer Google answers it: Is Google Translate verified?

When it comes to informal text, it showed a 72% accuracy rate when translating casual English texts into other languages.


Hence, the accuracy rate of languages translated spanned between 55% to 94%, that’s why ending up with weird translations is inevitable. As a result, Google Translate isn’t advanced enough to translate complex sentences or humane situations in all kinds of contexts.

From here, the question raised is “Is Google Translate accurate enough?”


In other words, Google Translate might get the point right but fail to reflect and respect the culture-wise of each language.

Google answers :Is google translate verificated?


Is Google Translate verificated for different languages and industries?


Google Translate is translating more than 130 languages, but still, the accuracy rate varies among all languages. For most popular languages translated in Google Translate (Spanish), the translation accuracy rate is typically over 90%! So, we’ve to answer Google answers it: Is Google translate verificated?


According to a study conducted in 2013 that evaluated Google Translate’s accuracy rate in data extraction from non-English languages typically took longer time than English.


The reason behind this is that Google Translate’s accuracy rate depends on how much data is available on the web for translating the target language.

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That makes sense when 60% of websites are in English, Google Translate has a lot of data to work with. That’s why the most accurate language translated in Google Translate is English.


Google as a tool for Medical Translation 

When it comes to technical industries, the UCLA Medical Center conducted a study in 2021 to find that Google Translate preserved an 82.5% accuracy rate for medical translations.

Another study in 2014 found that Google Translate has a 57.7% accuracy rate only when utilized for translating complex medical phrases.


It’s concluded that if the Machine Translation couldn’t recognize the context of a particular term in a certain language, a general translation is the output for this equation.

As a result, we can say it produces incorrect translations when the context is missing.

Google answers :Is google translate verificated?


Understanding how it works to answer “Is Google Translate verificated?”

Before technological machine translation was introduced, Google Translate was a masterwork in a word-for-word way. Now, after the modern neural system is set for translation, the smallest unit is analyzed not just word-for-word way, instead a sentence fragment

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No blame, Google Translate is just a machine that tries to understand the input going through it to come up with an appropriate output.

It is all about maths and odds! It’s all about content translations that occurred through human professional translators over the years that formed Google’s enormous databases for translation.


That’s why Google Translate separates every sentence into pieces and searches for a matching word in its database to increase the probability of translation accuracy rate.

Meaningful, it’s just based on the statistical occurrence of words used on the web.


Proves makes it feasible to answer: Is google translate verificated as an accurate translator?

  • We ask Can anyone translate legal documents? Google Translate can’t do any research for knowing a specific translation for a particular word as a humane thing. That’s why it can’t translate technical content accurately such as medical phrases. 
  • Also, funny concepts are an impossible task for a machine to translate whether google translate or other tool.
  • Confidentiality is another issue when translating from Google Translate as Google has the access to use any of the derivative works uploaded from the user. That’s why it’s not a secure way of translation.


That proves when it comes to Google Translate, it’s not a certified translation or any guaranteed service, it’s just a machine that can translate things automatically and blindly.


Conclusion: “Is Google Translate Verificated?” It’s a Yes to a limited extent only!


Although Google Translate is just a machine that translates words without any excessive work based on an automated database, it can help to some extent, saving a lot of time and money.

So if the task needed is translating simple phrases without any complications, it’ll get the job done as needed. 


Google Translate can help with instructional, repetitive content, such as solving a simple issue or translating product reviews, translations that are made up of low expectations translation.

Conversely, in case of the need for a professional technical translation, a certified human translator is the most accurate translator for getting the job in action.



  • What are other tools used for translations like Google Translate?

There are some other popular translation tools at the same level or even better such as DeepL, Amazon Translate, and Microsoft Translator.


  • How to notice a certified translation?

Basically, a certified translation consists of 3 main angles that are:

  1.  Source-Language text.
  2. Target-Language text. 
  3. Statement signed by the translation firm representative 

Additionally, a certified translation should be notarized legally to be used inside or outside a specific country. 


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