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Get top-quality passport translations by professionals with ATS. Our expert passport translators ensure full compliance with any institution’s needs, enabling you to unlock international opportunities. Experience the best combination of high-quality, low-cost, and fast-delivery passport translation Abu Dhabi in more than 50 languages from ATS.

Passport translation service

Having a passport is super important when you’re going abroad. It’s like your official ID for other countries. So, when you need it translated, you want it done right. At ATS, we take that seriously.

We know how vital your passport translation is, so we handle it carefully. Our team of expert translators ensures your translation is top-notch, confidential, and professional.

Translation requirements for passports

1- Full translation: 

All data must be translated well. This includes personal details, stamps or annotations, and issue and expiry dates.

2- Accuracy: 

Precise translation of names, places, and dates, maintaining the integrity of the original document.

3- Format consistency: 

The translated passport must mirror the layout of the original one for easy verification.

Why should you get your passport translated?

There are many reasons to need your passport translated. For instance, if you get a new job or open a bank account in another country, you might need it to prove who you are and where you’re from.

Also, you’ll need a passport translation near me service if you want citizenship in another country. Remember, you might have to translate other papers, like your birth certificate or your parents’. These papers help support your passport or citizenship application.

The importance of certified passport translation

Certified translations of passports are a vital requirement in many international and legal contexts due to their function as official identity documents:

  • Validation for immigration

Authorities often demand certified translations of passports when handling immigration matters like visas, residency, and citizenship. This ensures the translated information is authentic and accurate.

  • Legal acceptance

Having a certified translation is necessary in legal situations. Courts, government agencies, and legal bodies need to know the document is legit and can be used as evidence, especially for things like proving who you are or settling disputes.

  • Employment verification

Employers and government offices might require a certified passport translation if you seek a job abroad. It’s their way of ensuring you’re the right person for the job and the country you claim to be from.

  • Study abroad applications

Schools often ask for a certified passport translation for students looking to study overseas. This helps them confirm your identity and nationality before letting you enroll.

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Passport translation company you can trust

At ATS, we offer trustworthy passport translation services. Our team consists of skilled translators who can translate passports from almost any language to another. 

A passport is a necessary document, so its translation must be accurate and high-quality. To guarantee this, we offer an advanced quality assurance option. Your translated passport undergoes proofreading by a second translator who matches the expertise of the original translator. Moreover, ATS ensures competitive passport translation rates. 

Our translators are qualified native speakers

At Alsun Translation Company, we ensure your passport and related papers receive the essential certified translation, guaranteeing that the officials easily accept them. 

Most countries need passport translations to be certified, sworn, or notarized. This means an authorized translator must do the job officially. At ATS, we have certified translators for various languages to match your passport translation needs. We’ll assign a certified translator to your passport translation, making it valid for authorities and courts.

The best online passport translation with ATS

Just send us a clear scan or picture of your passport or documents. Once you’ve confirmed your order online, our professional translators will get to work right away.

Your translated passport will be officially certified and stamped. After completing the passport translation and the frequent proofreading, we’ll provide you with an electronic copy on time.

Passport translation services in over 50 languages

We cover many languages, so you can be sure your passport is correctly translated. Our expertise includes translating from and into:

  • Spanish.
  • Arabic.
  • Chinese.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Italian.
  • Korean.
  • Japanese.
  • Russian.
  • Portuguese.
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Passport translations for any purpose

ATS understands the diverse reasons behind the need for passport translations. Our translation services can cater to various use cases, whether exploring new job prospects, international travel, navigating legal procedures, or pursuing educational opportunities. Our experienced legal translators are here to provide accurate and reliable passport translations for:

  • International Travel.
  • Immigration Procedures.
  • Visa Applications.
  • Business Ventures.
  • Legal Matters.
  • Educational Pursuits.
  • Medical Tourism.
  • Cultural Exchange.
  • Job Opportunities.
  • International Conferences.
  • Personal Reasons.
  • Research and Exploration.

Why choose ATS’ passport translation services?

  • Accurate translation

At ATS, accuracy is vital. Our desktop publishing experts maintain consistent formatting to reinforce your translated passport’s authenticity.

  • Certified translation

We understand the importance of Certified translation Abu Dhabi , especially for official documents like passports. ATS provides the appropriate certification required by the institution requesting the translations, ensuring your documents are accepted without any hassles.

  • Worldwide acceptance

All embassies and the UAE Ministry of Justice accredit Alsun Translation Company. This shows our dedication to quality and high standards in translation services. It also proves our commitment to accuracy and professionalism, ensuring clients’ documents are recognized internationally.

  • Fast delivery

Time is of the essence when translating passports. At ATS, we have a streamlined process and a dedicated team of professionals who work diligently to provide accurate and certified translations in the shortest time possible.

Final thoughts

At ATS, we know the importance of precise translations for important papers like passports. Our skilled translators pay close attention to every detail, ensuring everything is accurate and properly formatted. We cover many languages and get your translations done quickly. When you choose ATS, you’re choosing top-notch quality and professionalism.



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