How To Have Your Degree Translated Online?

How To Have Your Degree Translated Online?

There are many reasons for any degree holder to have translated copies of their degree and all official documents. Website translation services are a quick way to get your degrees translated swiftly and efficiently. If you are looking to further your studies abroad, apply for a job overseas, or want official documentation in another language, chances are you’ll want to know how to have your degree translated online.

Official legal translation services aren’t only found through the traditional route of contacting translation agencies and having documents couriered back and forth in a lengthy and inefficient process, Alsun Translation Services is one of the best agencies providing online legal translation in UAE. We offer a fast and convenient online degree translation service so you can have your qualifications officially translated without having to send original documents away.

Why & How To Have Your Degree Translated Online?

Having your qualifications and documents translated is important for education, employment, and any other opportunity you want to explore internationally. Whether you’re hoping to pursue further studies abroad, apply to international jobs, or simply validate your credentials across borders, you’ll likely need official legal translation services at some point. Here are some top reasons why clients are choosing to translate their degrees online:

  • International Applications

If you want to apply to graduate programs, internships, or jobs in other countries, educational institutions and employers will require your diplomas and transcripts to be in their local language. Translation proves the documents’ authenticity and allows for proper comprehension. 

  • Credential Evaluation

Many regions and professional accreditation bodies demand foreign credentials undergo a proper evaluation which involves assessing the level of their translated copies and closely comparing them to local standards.

  • Visa Requirements

Some national visas and residency permits stipulate providing your highest educational certificates in the official language of that country. For example, legal translation in UAE allows you to travel beyond the country with precisely translated official documents.

  • Personal Validation

Even if you don’t plan to use your degree abroad right away, maintaining translated versions can still prove valuable later on in your career or for other administrative needs across borders. 

  • Convenience and Portability

Online website translation services allow clients to request certified translations entirely digitally without having to mail original documents, which provides portability, as translations can easily be shared as e-documents wherever required. 

Alsun Answers: How To Have Your Degree Translated Online?

With an increasing need for educational and professional credentials to be translated globally, Alsun Translation Services has streamlined the translation process to handle degree and official legal translation services swiftly and effectively through website translation services

As one of the largest providers of official and legal translation in UAE, Alsun knows how to have your degree translated online, leveraging advanced technologies and project management systems to minimize turnaround times while upholding the strictest quality standards. Clients can request and submit translation requests on our website 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

Once we receive the source materials, the project is assigned to a qualified translator specializing in the relevant subject matter and target languages. For documents like diplomas and transcripts, translator teams ensure they have subject expertise across different education systems internationally while our legal translators handle official legal translation services.

With our use of advanced translation memory software, multi-level quality review process, project management, and certification of the authenticity of our legal translation in UAE, Alsun Translation Services is a trusted choice for individuals and organizations needing degree and records translations online efficiently for academic or professional purposes.

Merits Of Legal Translation In UAE

Investing in official legal translation services for important documents like qualifications pays off in the long run by opening many international opportunities. As one of the largest legal translation companies in the Middle East, Alsun Translation Services has a strong presence and reputation within the UAE legal sector. With a team of UAE-based translators specializing in Arabic and English document translation, Alsun is equipped to handle any project effectively and confidentially.

Thanks to our knowledgeable staff, advanced technology usage, and stringent quality processes, Alsun consistently delivers accurate and dependable translations for law firms, government entities, courts, and multinational corporations. Specifically for the UAE legal field, Alsun offers quick website translation services for:

  • Legal Documents

Contracts, company bylaws, memorandums, liability waivers. 

  • Court Proceedings

Witness statements, filings, transcripts, verdicts.

  • Compliance

Regulations, policies, due diligence materials.

  • Real Estate

Title deeds, property purchase agreements, rental contracts. 

  • Healthcare

Patient records, clinical trials, informed consent forms.


How To Have Your Degree Translated Online With Alsun Translation Services?

Visit Alsun’s website, upload your degree document, select the desired language, and submit your request. 

How Much Does It Cost To Translate A Degree Online With Alsun?

The cost depends on the document’s length and complexity. Alsun provides transparent quotes without hidden fees. 

Does Alsun Translation Services Offer Website Translation Services?

Yes, Alsun provides comprehensive website translation services, ensuring your content is accurately translated and culturally adapted for your target audience.

How Do I Contact Alsun Translation Services For Legal Translation In UAE?

You can contact Alsun via email:, or phone: 0503870033 or visit our office at office 218, Floor 2, Tasha Restaurant Building, Defense Road, Abu Dhabi.


Alsun Translation Services offers an efficient and reliable solution for translating degrees, legal documents, and websites online. With a user-friendly platform, we ensure accurate, secure, and official legal translation services. Our specialized services for legal translation in UAE meet the highest standards, making us a trusted choice for clients worldwide. Ready to get started? Visit Alsun Translation Services today to upload your documents and receive a free quote!


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